3 Ways Bizzabo Software Can Reduce Your Event Planning Stress

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    3 Ways Bizzabo Software Can Reduce Your Event Planning Stress

    Introduction – Why Use Bizzabo when Planning Events?

    If you are an event planner then you know full well how difficult the responsibility can be. There are a lot of different aspects relating to an event that you will need to be on top of like where the venue for the event will be, key persons that you need to invite for the event or what type of entertainment will be provided for guests.

    In the past, event organizers would have had to rely on a pen-and-paper combo to jot down the different decisions made which has then evolved to the use of computer based spreadsheets. While spreadsheets were able to make management that much easier, there is still a lot left do be desired from this method if you want the utmost in efficiency and convenience when managing the different areas of concern for an event. Luckily, specialized event planning software like Bizzabo are now available for you to use.

    1 – Everything that You Need in One Program

    It is no secret that a lot of modern event professionals are using multiple programs in order to manage events. These programs may include Microsoft Outlook and Excel, ticketing software, conventional email and the like. While these programs can be very helpful, they are not the most efficient in keeping up with the demands that a certain event may have. This means that you are likely to be wasting a lot of time with these programs which can compromise the event in some way.

    With Bizzabo, you do not need to use multiple programs as virtually everything that you need can be found in this single application. Through the program, you can manage the ticketing aspect of the event which will allow you to customize ticket types, specify pricing for each individual ticket type and then split fees among the attendees.

    Bizzabo also allows you to keep potential as well as confirmed attendees up to date with the latest information regarding the event thanks to the event marketing software that is embedded in the program.

    Also, integrated into Bizzabo is a website creating program which will allow you to make a website dedicated for your event which will provide visitors all the information and tools that they need to learn about the event and to buy tickets through this website with utmost convenience.

    2 – Easily Keep Track of Developments Relating to Your Event

    Due to the many aspects of an event that you will need to be in the know of, it can be quite easy for you to miss out on some small yet crucial details that can make or break the event. Bizzabo understands how stressful and hectic an event planner’s tasks can be so the program comes with a host of analytics tools that will cover various aspects of the event and make them a lot easier to follow.

    Bizzabo is a program that is also very easy to access thanks to it being a web based application. What this means is that you can access Bizzabo and keep track of your event virtually any time and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a device that can surf the net. Factor in the fact that the program provides these data updates in real time and you now have a tool that can be very handy in terms of you knowing the numbers behind your event, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments at the soonest possible time.

    3 – A Powerful Program that is Very Easy to Learn

    Due to the wide range of functionality that Bizzabo offers, you might think that the program is very complicated and that you will need to have a lot of knowledge in software like coding, complex formulas, shortcuts, hotkeys and the like. This is not the case with Bizzabo. The program comes in a very simple yet at the same time visually attractive interface that is intuitive to use so whether you are more of the old fashioned event organizer or the tech savvy type, the functions and tools of Bizzabo are clearly presented and readily accessible, allowing you to easily take advantage of the powerful event management capabilities that the program can offer you.

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