Exclusive Backstage First Dance

Exclusive Backstage First Dance Wedding Songs

So you've made it to our backstage first dance wedding songs! How did this unique concept come about? These were a happy accident which started a couple of years ago, when we heard some of our musicians rehearsing a Jewish Wedding First Dance Song, in our dressing room at the Langham Hotel, London. The vocalRead more

Popular Weddings songs

The 30 Most Popular First Dance Wedding Songs For Live Band

Looking for ideas on live band First Dance Wedding Songs? You’ve come to the right place. Below are 30 of the most popular and unusual songs Metropolis have performed over the past few years. Some obvious classics, some lesser known gems.   This isn’t a made up list - all these songs were chosen byRead more

Traditional Jewish Wedding Songs and Music

Jewish/Israeli Simcha Dancing Metropolis plays a mixture of contemporary tunes for Jewish Weddings and also provides the option for more traditional Jewish/Israeli Simcha Dancing. Traditional Jewish Music at your party will provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy joyous songs and traditional dancing. It is traditional to include a section of Hebrew music and dancing knownRead more