International Party Band Turkey and Israel

Metropolis is proud to ‘blow it’s own trumpet,’ well we do have a brass section, about our experience as an international party band AND announce that we can play anywhere in the world. International Party Band Hire Experience Metropolis mostly play in the UK and Europe, including France, plus further abroad in Egypt and India and we’ve writtenRead more

Jewish Wedding Party Band Reviews II

Jewish Wedding Party Band Reviews II

Jewish Wedding Party Band Reviews in 5 Words A Must! Excitement, Important Day The Talk of our Wedding One Marylebone Our wedding was the most exciting and important day of our lives and we had put a lot of effort into making it a day to remember. Metropolis surpassed all wedding bands we had everRead more

Live Wedding Band London and Everywhere

Live Wedding Band London and Everywhere!

Hire A Wedding Band in 6 Words:- Professional, Ballads, Dance Floor-Fillers, Fun We’re quite often asked if the band is professional or semi-professional? Everyone in the band is a professional musician; in fact you’d recognize some of the names if you got around to reading the back of a CD! A lot of us earnRead more