Simcha Band

Simcha Band Questions and Answers

Metropolis is a specialist simcha band playing internationally and in the UK. From Israel to Cheshire and from Dublin to India, the band has impressed and played the most glamorous of venues. Every simcha is different and this is reflected in the preparation, planning and performance. Below are a few questions about putting on aRead more

Hire an Acoustic Band

Hire an Acoustic Band – Metropolis Unplugged

You know that feeling when you are at a Wedding or Corporate event and you’ve sat down to catch up with friends and you can’t hear them because of the band? Metropolis solves that with an acoustic band and technology. Metropolis Unplugged is a tightly knit music experience for your party or corporate entertainment. TheRead more

Corporate Entertainment, The Metropolis Live Band

Corporate Entertainment, The Metropolis Live Band

Corporate Entertainment in 5 Words Management, Showband, Playlist Heaven, Unplugged When you have the budget you want a return don’t you? Corporate Entertainment is a big part of the success of Metropolis Productions.  The band is scalable for any type of event you care to name. Live Music Entertainment: Offstage Manager Putting on a fabulous,Read more