PP022 | Nick Ingram | Lifting The Curtain On Bespoke Music For The Events Industry

Hello and welcome to a brand new year with us here on Planner’s Pod! We have lots of new and exciting things in store for all of you and we do hope you stay with us as we unveil them.

In this episode, we decided to start things up by having Metropolis’ very own Nick Ingram, our Creative Director, for the first time here on the show. Many of you have been curious and have asked us about how we do things in the company. So, what better way to open this up for discussion than having a team member on board.

Here we discuss the ins and outs of how to manage a live-band company, what sort of sticky situations we all get into and how we try to deal with those, as well as how to engage with clients and knowing them on a personal level to give them a unique and wonderful musical experience during their event.

The Wedding Music Buyer's Bible

The Wedding Music Buyer’s Bible 2016

You’ve found it! The most comprehensive and honest look at the live music you can book today… this is The Wedding Music Buyer’s Bible 2016. Here you’ll discover the 25 essential styles of wedding music you must consider for your big day. Spend a little time listening to each type of band and be well on the way to discovering what sort of music will make your celebration really special. Below, you’ll see short descriptions, a video, along with the pros and the cons of each type of band / act, so you’ll know exactly what you are investing in.

Party band hire

You certainly were a HIT with everyone…

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Party Band Hire versus DJ live

Party Band Hire Versus DJ Live? If you’re trying to decide whether to hire a DJ or go for a live band, there are a few important things you should consider.  Why choose a DJ live? A DJ live package entails a DJ who will run music from a CD or a computer. Although professionalRead more