Three Corporate Christmas Party Band Tips

Three Corporate Christmas Party Band Tips

Christmas Party Band Tips After many years of supplying live music, bands  and entertainment at Corporate Christmas Parties it’s fair to say we’ve seen quite a few of them – good and bad.  A lot of the time we deal with in house events teams who are organizing ‘dos’ all year however often it’s leftRead more

Exotic locations

Exotic locations To Take A Party Function Band!

A Party Function Band in the Sun? So you’re wanting to plan an event some where unusual in the world….also looking for that extra bit of magic – why don’t you take a band with you? May sound ridiculous at first, but in this increasingly globalized industry, getting on an airplane is becoming a moreRead more

Case Study-  Full Wedding Event Production – The Crown Group

Case Study: Full Wedding Event Production – The Crown Group

[widgetkit id=2562] Overview: Metropolis is not only one of the UK’s party and function bands but also leading Event Production Company.  September 15th saw the phenomenal wedding of Victoria & Steve Morgan in the picturesque Essex village of Stondon Massey. Working along side The Crown Group on a 3 week intensive build schedule, Metropolis ProductionRead more

Live Function Band Loudness

Live Function Band Loudness

Live Function Band Loudness in 5 Words Sound Levels, Engineers, Quality Equipment ‘What’s The Frequency Kenneth?’ Q: Aren’t you loud? I mean you’re a live band with lots of big amps; surely you’re going to be too loud? A: It’s a common question for party bands. Yes a live party band can be VERY loud.Read more

Rock Party Band Function

Rock Party Band Function

Function Band Rock in 4 Words Switch, Rock’ in, Gig-Givers Rock Band Switch I love a lot of bands. I love to listen to particular genres of music. My heroes are various and each one has a particular style. O’ there are some that play in various styles and across the different music types. MetropolisRead more

Professional Party Band

Professional Party Band – What does it mean?

Professional Party Band So you’re trawling the Internet for trying to find the perfect band for your Jewish Simcha, corporate event or private party and you’ll probably find yourself in front of many, many bands all claiming to be a professional party band. This blog post explores what that really means. In the literal senseRead more

An Ideal Party Band Gig

An Ideal Party Band Gig

Our Ideal Function Band Gig in 5 Words Client, Guests, Play List, Vibe Good Gigs Start with the Client Metropolis Live has been doing gigs for over ten years. Every event, function, party, wedding or celebration starts with the commission from the client. The client always knows best, we may have to nudge him orRead more

Olympic Ideals: The 100 Meter Power Ballad

Olympic Party Band What will you be doing during the London Olympics? Will you be having a party? Are you getting married or celebrating a birthday or anniversary? You could theme your party with some classic power ballad. See how far you can run while singing ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now’ (Starship). Personally I’d likeRead more

Hunting For Live Music

Hunting For Live Music? Party and Function Band for Hunt Balls!

Hunt Ball Party and Function Band As well as many corporate events, Jewish celebrations and weddings, Metropolis often takes a well-deserved break in the countryside. Well, break isn’t quite the right way of describing when your performing to a packed dance floor of 700 guests…. One phenomenal non stop party to 2am is a betterRead more

The Musicians And Singers

Party and Function Band – The Musicians And Singers

Back from Cairo Over the coming months we will be giving you an insight into some of the fantastically talented musicians and singers, which perform regularly with party band Metropolis. At the end of 2011, after 7 fantastic great years at the helm, male vocalist Andy Skimming moved on to pastures new. Just back fromRead more