5 Dances

The Five Other Special Wedding Dances You Also Need To Consider

The First Dance of a married couple has always been a popular tradition in wedding celebrations. There are a plethora of popular First Dance wedding songs to choose from. Whether it be at the beginning of the reception or after dinner, it’s a way for the newlyweds to have their grand entrance that goes straightRead more

Exclusive Backstage First Dance

Exclusive Backstage First Dance Wedding Songs

So you've made it to our backstage first dance wedding songs! How did this unique concept come about? These were a happy accident which started a couple of years ago, when we heard some of our musicians rehearsing a Jewish Wedding First Dance Song, in our dressing room at the Langham Hotel, London. The vocalRead more

Watch Our Wedding Music Video Testimonial

Gill Tookman
Mother of the Bride
Adam & Amy’s Wedding, December 2014
Louise Blouin Foundation, London

Gill: We had every aspect of the performance exactly how we wanted it. The music was soft enough for people to talk, but some people would dance during dinner, after dinner… The music was fantastic. It was a real party atmosphere, everyone was dancing. A great feeling about the evening… the guests had an amazing time, the family had a wonderful time, and more importantly the bride and bridegroom were over the moon with everything.

Jewish Wedding Band in Manchester

Hire a Jewish Wedding Band in Manchester

  Hire a Jewish Wedding Band in Manchester Are you looking to hire a Jewish Wedding Band in Manchester? Well you’ve come to the right place! Metropolis are the freshest Simcha Band out of London and regularly travel to Cheshire and the North West. Established 12 years, with a global reputation, we’d like to tellRead more


Jewish Party Band Videos

Metropolis plays at a great many Jewish celebrations and some of them are recorded. There are two reasons. First, of course, is to show potential clients how the professional artists and technical support put together a show. Second, is a more personal idea, the ‘First Dance’ videos. These are recordings of the band performing backRead more

Book wedding first dance lessons

Book wedding first dance lessons / tuition – free first dance lesson!

Book wedding first dance lessons / tuition Are you looking to book wedding first dance lessons / tuition? Our latest promotional offer for couples and wedding planners alike. Dance as if no one is watching, but know that if they were, they’d think you looked amazing! Allow Metropolis to create unforgettable memories for your specialRead more

Wedding first dance

Wedding first dance

Wedding first dance The wedding first dance is an age-old tradition and here at Metropolis you could say we’ve had quite a bit of experience of them… well we’ve done 100s over our 13 years in the party band industry. This is the first of a series of blog posts exploring this special but oftenRead more