PP024 | Gerry McColgan | Discovering the World of Event Industry Education

The year’s off to a good start for us on Planner’s Pod! This week we are joined by our good friend James Tosslle the sole proprietor of two complimentary companies that serve important key roles in the events industry.
The first one is Entertec, a professional audio company that provides speakers, mixing desks, P. A. systems and everything associated to making people nice and loud in venues and events. Second is a trucking company called J.T. Event Truck which makes sure that the equipment gets there safely and provide the logistics and transport for the events industry.
James is quite an entrepreneur and he’s done some pretty staggering stuff over the years. In this episode, he shares us his experiences on how he got into the sound engineering industry at a very early age and how he paved the way for himself to where he is now.


PP004 | Fashion Show Event Planning | Andy Nurse | Production Element

Andy Nurse is one of the directors at Production Element, a UK company specialising in fashion and music festival events. In this episode he gives us a detailed view of the events industry and valuable advise for those looking for a career in events.