PP022 | Nick Ingram | Lifting The Curtain On Bespoke Music For The Events Industry

Hello and welcome to a brand new year with us here on Planner’s Pod! We have lots of new and exciting things in store for all of you and we do hope you stay with us as we unveil them.

In this episode, we decided to start things up by having Metropolis’ very own Nick Ingram, our Creative Director, for the first time here on the show. Many of you have been curious and have asked us about how we do things in the company. So, what better way to open this up for discussion than having a team member on board.

Here we discuss the ins and outs of how to manage a live-band company, what sort of sticky situations we all get into and how we try to deal with those, as well as how to engage with clients and knowing them on a personal level to give them a unique and wonderful musical experience during their event.

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PP020 | Smart AV | How To Stand Out In Front Of The CEO Of A Top Event Tech Company

Smart AV is an audio visual and interactive rental specialist that provides high-end audio visual equipment and technical support for exhibitions, conferences and events around the globe. This week, we are joined by Darren Poultney, who gave us the great pleasure of recording this episode of PlannersPod live right in the middle of James’ Kitchen.
Darren Poultney is the founder and CEO of Smart AV which has grown to several other companies that deal with audio-visual tech. He started the company about ten years ago, and it just so happens that they’ve recently celebrated this mark. He tells us of the inner dealings on how to run a high-end Events Company, as well as giving us some essential insights on the rapidly growing international industry.

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3 Ways Bizzabo Software Can Reduce Your Event Planning Stress

Introduction – Why Use Bizzabo when Planning Events? If you are an event planner then you know full well how difficult the responsibility can be. There are a lot of different aspects relating to an event that you will need to be on top of like where the venue for the event will be, keyRead more

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PP013 | Bizzabo Event Success Software | How To Save Time & Increase Revenue

Rachel Ruggieri came from a corporate event background and now works as the Customer Success Director at Bizzabo… In this episode she explains to James how Bizzabo event software can and has changed the lives of event professionals. Bizzabo brings together cutting edge technology, innovative spirit and events background to lead the meetings industry to new frontiers. It’s an intuitive piece of software that will run on pretty much anything with an internet connection. A serious tool, for serious professionals. Check it out!


Tips from the Fashion Industry

Intro Andy Nurse is one of the directors at Production Element, a company specialising in fashion and music festival events. Coming from a music and performance background, Andy got his start working for a production company and quickly fell into the sound engineering sector. Eventually, Andy moved on to corporate work and project management. WhenRead more

Tips for Corporate Event Planning

Tips for Corporate Event Planning

Learn to stick to a budget Learning to stick to a budget early in your career will help you significantly with every single event. Budgets and clients will come in all shapes and sizes. It will benefit you to learn how to be flexible and how to keep track of the money your client is spendingRead more

How to plan event catering

How to plan event catering

How To Plan Event Catering Sheba Anvari is the founder of company Local Sauce, a bespoke catering service with a wide range of services. Originally studying music at the Guildhall School of Music, Sheba realised her true passion was feeding people, which led her to Leiths School of Food and Wine in London. Over theRead more


PP004 | Fashion Show Event Planning | Andy Nurse | Production Element

Andy Nurse is one of the directors at Production Element, a UK company specialising in fashion and music festival events. In this episode he gives us a detailed view of the events industry and valuable advise for those looking for a career in events.


PP003 |Toastmaster Event Planning | Jamie Paskin

This podcast features the young and engaging Toastmaster Jamie Paskin. He talks about how he got into the events industry, his unique style, how he works alongside event planners and his work as a ‘Voice of God’.

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PP002 | Corporate Event Planning | Chris Turner | The Appointment Group

Chris is a highly experienced corporate event planner and manager who works for the global events company The Appointment Group. With over 12 years of experience in the corporate market, he discusses everything from how he started in the industry, maintaining client relationships, and his work with international rock stars…