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PP021 | 4D Design | Discover Why Understanding Marketing is Crucial to Event Success in 2016

So far it has been an amazing journey for us this year here on Planner’s Pod! We’ve learned so many things about the Events Industry and heard about so many experiences over the course of the show. For the last episode of 2015, it was our pleasure to be joined this week by Suzanne Malhotra, the Commercial Director of 4D Design.

4D Design is a company that Creates Superior Brand Environments™ for clients who wish to explore new and creative ways of pulling together a brand experience. They specialise in the live events, exhibitions and experiential sectors, and have worked with aspirational brands in the aviation, IT & Telecoms, and emerging technologies. Suzanne tells us about the marketing aspect and how important engagement is for a client’s brand during an event.

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PP019 | Bespoke Events London | Discover How A World Class Event Design Company Creates The Best Experiences

Bespoke Events London is one of the leading events production and design companies in the UK based— as you might expect, in London. They’ve created spectacular designs installed with precision that boasts over 25 years of experience designing and producing spectacular corporate, private and wedding events.

This week we go on location to Bespoke HQ’s creative suite with Creative Director Daniel Morris-Gibbons. From creating a tropical beach in the middle of winter, to hosting E!’s new drama series “The Royals”, Daniel gives us a first hand behind-the-scenes look at how some of their spectacular events come to life.

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PP018 | Medicinema | Discover the Healing Power of Cinema

A movie experience like no other. MediCinema opened its first ever facility at St. Thomas’ Hospital 14 years ago and it has grown into something of an institution, much-loved by patients, staff and volunteers alike. This year they’ve screened to over 20,000 patients, their relatives and members of staff, giving them the chance to enjoy an uplifting social experience without having to leave the hospital.

This week, Toby goes on location at Guy’s Hospital in a fun multicolored cinema theater right in the heart of London. Patients get quality care and VIP treatment while they watch the latest blockbuster with their families, carers and nurses. Toby is joined by Kat and Nicks who tell their first hand experience in delivering this unique entertainment to patients throughout the UK.

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PP013 | Bizzabo Event Success Software | How To Save Time & Increase Revenue

Rachel Ruggieri came from a corporate event background and now works as the Customer Success Director at Bizzabo… In this episode she explains to James how Bizzabo event software can and has changed the lives of event professionals. Bizzabo brings together cutting edge technology, innovative spirit and events background to lead the meetings industry to new frontiers. It’s an intuitive piece of software that will run on pretty much anything with an internet connection. A serious tool, for serious professionals. Check it out!


Tips from the Fashion Industry

Intro Andy Nurse is one of the directors at Production Element, a company specialising in fashion and music festival events. Coming from a music and performance background, Andy got his start working for a production company and quickly fell into the sound engineering sector. Eventually, Andy moved on to corporate work and project management. WhenRead more

Tips for Corporate Event Planning

Tips for Corporate Event Planning

Learn to stick to a budget Learning to stick to a budget early in your career will help you significantly with every single event. Budgets and clients will come in all shapes and sizes. It will benefit you to learn how to be flexible and how to keep track of the money your client is spendingRead more

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PP010 | Steve Butcher | Chilfest | Music Festival Event Planning

When Steve Butcher isn’t busy looking after Universal Event Production, delivering audio and visual hire to blue chip companies such as Nike, he is the promoter & event director for Chillfest. Chilfest 2015 will take place on Friday 10 & Saturday 11 July bringing two days of the very best sounds from the 1980s to the leafy rural setting of Tring. The story of Chilfest so far will give you a deep, no holds barred, insight into what it really takes to put on a festival of scale.

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PP006 | Sandy Moretta | UKAWP – UK Alliance Wedding Planners

Sandy launched her event planning business in 2003. Tern Events has a reputation for excellent organisation, creativity and attention to detail, which provide a good recipe for elegant, smooth running events. Sandy is also one half of the UK Alliance Of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) founded for one purpose: to promote professionalism in wedding planning. UKAWP invests in training and professional development that generates sustainable growth.

The Planner's Planner Podcast for Event Professionals

The Planner’s Planner Podcast for Event Professionals

The Planner’s Planner Podcast for Event Professionals After a few months in the making, it’s finally here… The Planner’s Planner Podcast for Event Professionals, sponsored by us, Metropolis Productions! Any event needs good planning. It’s fundamental to ensuring it all works smoothly. But it’s not always easy to get good information on it. And it’sRead more

Corporate Function Band Hire

Corporate Function Band Hire: Will your band communicate with your venue and other suppliers?

Blog Four: Will your band communicate with your venue and other suppliers? Events can be complicated, especially when numerous suppliers have to interact with each other. It’s very easy to assume everyone will be on the same page, but that’s not always the case. Communication is key Suppliers often have to share the same working space. SoRead more