PP024 | Gerry McColgan | Discovering the World of Event Industry Education

The year’s off to a good start for us on Planner’s Pod! This week we are joined by our good friend James Tosslle the sole proprietor of two complimentary companies that serve important key roles in the events industry.
The first one is Entertec, a professional audio company that provides speakers, mixing desks, P. A. systems and everything associated to making people nice and loud in venues and events. Second is a trucking company called J.T. Event Truck which makes sure that the equipment gets there safely and provide the logistics and transport for the events industry.
James is quite an entrepreneur and he’s done some pretty staggering stuff over the years. In this episode, he shares us his experiences on how he got into the sound engineering industry at a very early age and how he paved the way for himself to where he is now.

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PP013 | Bizzabo Event Success Software | How To Save Time & Increase Revenue

Rachel Ruggieri came from a corporate event background and now works as the Customer Success Director at Bizzabo… In this episode she explains to James how Bizzabo event software can and has changed the lives of event professionals. Bizzabo brings together cutting edge technology, innovative spirit and events background to lead the meetings industry to new frontiers. It’s an intuitive piece of software that will run on pretty much anything with an internet connection. A serious tool, for serious professionals. Check it out!


Tips from the Fashion Industry

Intro Andy Nurse is one of the directors at Production Element, a company specialising in fashion and music festival events. Coming from a music and performance background, Andy got his start working for a production company and quickly fell into the sound engineering sector. Eventually, Andy moved on to corporate work and project management. WhenRead more

Destination Event Management

PP007 | Claire McDonald | Sian Events | Destination Event Management

Claire McDonald is a director at SIAN Group, a global live communications and destination management company. SIAN arranges boutique events from its bases in Dubai and London. In this episode you will find out about Claire’s incredible combination of scientific and creative thinking, making SIAN a top prospect for anyone wanting to create a world-class event.

The Planner's Planner Podcast for Event Professionals

The Planner’s Planner Podcast for Event Professionals

The Planner’s Planner Podcast for Event Professionals After a few months in the making, it’s finally here… The Planner’s Planner Podcast for Event Professionals, sponsored by us, Metropolis Productions! Any event needs good planning. It’s fundamental to ensuring it all works smoothly. But it’s not always easy to get good information on it. And it’sRead more

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PP000 | Party Band to Event Planner | Meet Toby & James

Discover why we started The Planner’s Planner Podcast, who it is for, our road into event planning and why we love podcasting!

Metropolis Productions

Metropolis Productions

Well it’s the first blog post of 2014. Those of you who keep an eye on the blog will notice things have been a little quiet of late! There is a reason for that… we have been launching a brand new website. Those of you who have worked with us before will know we coverRead more

Jewish Event Ideas

Metropolis has been staging Jewish events for many years and providing unique and glamorous ideas that have guests talking about for months to come.   Bar Mitzvahs and Jewish Weddings An event created by Metropolis Productions is tailored, creative and professional. An event can be purely traditional, a real simcha, purely modern or a blendRead more

Party Event Consultants

Metropolis Productions are often asked why the event consultation for all events, including private and corporate parties is free? Event Perfection Metropolis wants your event to be perfect. Obtaining perfection means putting a lot of detail together, in a harmonious whole, which is seamless and comes together into a memorable finale. To do this theRead more


Jewish Wedding Band Leeds

Jewish Wedding Band Leeds At Metropolis, we like to put ourselves in the position of the client. If you search Google for say ‘Jewish Wedding Band Leeds’ you will be confronted with three or four solid pages of bands and musical entertainment. Both natural listings and adverts, how on earth do you differentiate between acts?Read more