Why Musicians Love Working With Metropolis

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    Why Musicians Love Working With Metropolis

    Discover how you can be sure to get the best performances from the best musicians.

    Being a professional musician means being self-employed. Unlike other band directors, James, Toby & Nick continue to be in demand at the highest levels in the music industry. Fed up with poor consistency, ethics and lack of morale in the party band sector, they were inspired to create an atmosphere that ensures everyone is happy.

    You’ll get the best performances from the best performers at your event because Metropolis makes sure everyone is 100% comfortable with their role. See for yourself, below are quotes from the industries best. When asked, the professionals choose Metropolis.

    • “Honestly? Because you care about me more, I care about your events more”.
    • “Things always run smoothly, very professional”.
    • “The main difference is that you perform as a proper business, as opposed to something on the side and run it professionally”.
    • “Up to the minute contemporary set list”.
    • “I like the professionalism of the whole set up, the way everyone on and off stage is dedicated to providing the clients with the best possible band and evening of entertainment possible…you guys are always striving to be the best”.
    • “How beautifully everything is presented. It feels like I’m working on more of a show rather than another gig. I love the luxury of having sound engineers. The level of audience interaction is so much fun. You’re always trying to find ways to make it better”.
    • “The complete package. All other bands miss something or get something wrong”.
    • “Serious, fun and always professional”.
    • “I like the vibe and the fact that we are all friends and we have a laugh on and off stage. Also you and James are very easy to work with and nice guys and it makes playing so much more enjoyable and fun”.
    • “The fact that everything is very neat and organised. From the very first minute you arrive at the event, I know exactly what’s going on regarding repertoire, times etc”.
    • “The repertoire – the inclusion of contemporary numbers alongside the standards works really well for me. I also think it shows the audience (and more importantly whoever is or might be hiring) that you don’t complacently turn up and go through motions that are years old”.
    • “Nice people. Well organised and professional. Give me more gigs!”
    • “I’m always 110% comfortable, so I know I’ll always give my best performance”.