The Planner’s Planner Podcast for Event Professionals

    The Planner's Planner Podcast for Event Professionals

    The Planner’s Planner Podcast for Event Professionals

    The-Planners-planner-podcast-for-event-professionalsThe Planner’s Planner Podcast for Event Professionals

    After a few months in the making, it’s finally here… The Planner’s Planner Podcast for Event Professionals, sponsored by us, Metropolis Productions!

    Any event needs good planning. It’s fundamental to ensuring it all works smoothly. But it’s not always easy to get good information on it. And it’s certainly not easy to get it in useful, bite-sized chunks that you can listen to during downtime such as travelling to and from gigs. That’s why we’re excited to be launching the Planner’s Planner Podcast.

    Keeping you abreast of the latest trends

    We love podcasts, they’re such a fantastic way of keeping up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices. This new service is aimed at everyone with an interest in the events industry, from people trying to grab their first break, right through to seasoned professionals at big companies who are looking for a way to stay current. We’ll be conducting interviews and discussions with people right across the world, so there’s definitely going to be something in here for everyone.

    Creating a sense of community

    We’re seeing this as more than just a useful resource. We want to use it to help bring the thousands of self-employed professionals out there together, giving them a platform to come back to and learn from. Working alone can get lonely, and we want to bring more points of view into people’s day, creating a sense of community and starting discussions.

    We’re all planners

    We’re all planners, and we all work with other planners. Whatever part of the events industry you work in, you’ll be touched by the need for good planning. So we hope this new service, full of great information, debates and discussion, is really going to get people excited. Check out our first Planner’s Planner Podcast here.

    We’d love your feedback… and equally if you know anyone who would be great interview, please send them our way!

    James Eager's Signature - Director, Metropolis Productions Ltd

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