Party Band Hire versus DJ live


    Party Band Hire versus DJ live

    Party Band Hire Versus DJ Live?

    If you’re trying to decide whether to hire a DJ or go for a live band, there are a few important things you should consider.

     Why choose a DJ live?party-band-hire

    A DJ live package entails a DJ who will run music from a CD or a computer. Although professional DJs can be quite amazing, you should be aware that many simply act as glorified (and very expensive) iPods. In other words, all they’re doing is selecting tunes from their list. The skill is in knowing what makes a good set, mixing those tunes together seamlessly, and reading the audience to make it work for the event.

    It’s important to understand what sort of quality you are getting. A bad DJ will press play and stop, just as you or I would at a party, and maybe say a few things in between. Cheap, cheesy, and not very enjoyable to listen to.

    Jewish Wedding Band Hire Will a DJ work well with live musicians?

    The second and perhaps most pressing thing to be aware of is that, unless the DJ and musicians are used to working with each other, there will be a disconnect between them. It’s not enough to be great at mixing, a DJ live must understand musicians. Saxophone players, for example, often have problems tuning when DJs don’t understand the technical aspects of their skill. And that means some very jarring moments for listeners.

    DJ live packages can often look alright, but have no real musical or entertainment value over and above a DJ on his own. For example, a singer may provide the DJ with karaoke backing tracks to sing over. So why not just book a singer/sax player with backing tracks?

    Designing DJ live packages from the ground up

    When we developed our DJ live package we designed it with these challenges in mind, producing songs from the ground up in a professional studio. This approach allowed us to make sure that each element works together as it should. So if you’re looking for a DJ live package, you can be sure of the quality you’ll be getting from us.

    What party band hireabout a live band?

    There are various advantages of party band hire over a DJ live hire, not least of which is human interaction. This is so important and not to be overlooked. It gives plenty of opportunities for the stage to connect with the dance floor and energise your event.

    Then there’s the seamless flexibility. If you’re dancing along to a song and the atmosphere is perfect, the band will continue to play the song longer or change the set list to keep the style of music that is appealing most. They have an innate ability to respond to you without any constraints, like needing to get online to find a song on Spotify during an event (believe it or not, this does happen!).

    And of course, a real live band making music just for you is a very special feeling and really adds to the sense of occasion. Hiring a professional band is a unique experience and will guarantee you’ll never hear exactly the same thing twice, even from the same song. This is why we go and see bands perform live, right? As a guest, which would you rather? A live band or a DJ?

    A great deal isn’t great if it’s the wrong deal

    Remember, a great deal on the wrong band (or DJ) is not a great deal at all. So make sure you carefully consider what you want for your event, and then take the time to find the outfit that you can really trust to deliver the quality you expect.

    Any questions, we’re always here to help – please email us on our contact form.

    All the best,

    Toby Goodman's Signature – Director, Metropolis Productions Ltd

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