You Should Be Dancing…With a Live Party Band!

    You Should Be Dancing...With a Live Party Band!

    You Should Be Dancing…With a Live Party Band!

     Live Party Band in 3 Words:-

    Fun, Dancing, Party

    What Makes A Party Work?

    It would be quite glib to say ‘Live Music.’ Great parties are about music but also the atmosphere you create. A party atmosphere is down to several factors combining to make a greater whole. A live event starts with the guests, second finding the perfect party venue and when you add a band playing live you have a party!

    Live Music Anywhere from Cairo to London

    Isn’t great when you have a job doing what you love? It’s not a job then is it? We’re blessed with that fact and as the band takes off we’re getting more and more gigs around London town and up north like Manchester and the other day we were in Cairo performing at one of the most magnificent wedding eventswe have ever seen.

    Have Guests Will Dance

    Sometimes a host maybe wondering how do I make sure my party is remembered by my guests, my friends, my family? That’s when you need some sure fire classic tunes. The sort of tunes some may think ‘uncool’ BUT everyone taps their feet too. A party band will have a playlist full of great toe-tappers and ‘dance-floor’ fillers. To see what we mean have a play of the video above or see more examples of Metropolis Live Party Band here.

    Let Us Know

    Tell us the atmosphere you want to create for any event from a Jewish wedding to a huge corporate gig in Dubai and we’ll make sure the music is exactly what your guests will love. Get a quick quote by using the form on the right or give us a call.

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