The Wedding Music Buyer's Bible

The Wedding Music Buyer’s Bible 2016

You’ve found it! The most comprehensive and honest look at the live music you can book today… this is The Wedding Music Buyer’s Bible 2016. Here youll discover the 25 essential styles of wedding music you must consider for your big day. Spend a little time listening to each type of band and be well on the way to discovering what sort of music will make your celebration really special. Below, you’ll see short descriptions, a video, along with the pros and the cons of each type of band / act, so you’ll know exactly what you are investing in.


The videos will show you what the music should sound like. Remember… If these bands are serious about your wedding, they will know what your concerns are, and be asking you the questions. Professional bands should also have PAT tested sound equipment, contingency plans and operate as a proper business, enabling them to secure the best performers for your big day. Cutting corners with amateur or even semi-professional live bands can have disastrous consequences.


So… Check out the info below and find out what the right live music is for your big day. Any questions you are always welcome to contact us.

1. Party Band

A party band is a small to medium sized band who will dress smart / casual, performing a range of songs from top 40 and classics from various eras. The good ones will be able to perform your first dance. Having more members mean you’ll hear a wider variation in styles. Bands will include a  sound system, dj package and some lighting. Higher end offerings may also include a sound engineer. You should expect to allow around 1 hour for your band to set up and soundcheck.

Typical Band Size: 4-8 Musicians & Singers

Investment Level: Medium

Pros: Can cover many genres of music, flexible bands size, can fit in most size spaces.

Cons: Only suitable for evening dancing. Can get repetitive. Bands often carry small PA systems which aren’t set up or suitable for the rest of your event

Top Tip: See if the band can provide music for elsewhere in your day.

Example Songs: Sex On Fire, Summer Of 69, Play That Funky Music

2. Show Band

A Show Band is seen by many as the ultimate in wedding entertainment. Glizty, glamorous, elegant are all words regularly used describe this sort of show. Show-Bands can often contain up to 7 or 8 signers alone as well as many musicians versatile and able to play many styles. It’s not uncommon for Show-Bands to provide entertainment for the whole of the day – ceremony music, dinner music, dancing between courses and of course a bit party set at the end. Essentially a Show Band is a full ‘production show’ itself.

Typical Band Size: 9 – 16+ Musicians

Investment Level: High – Beware of cheaper bands who will cut corners to make deals happen. More often than not, these bands cut the fees of the musicians therefore only securing inexperienced or amatured for your big day. Make sure you’re happy with the music and musicians before you talk about  other production.

Pros: Huge visual impact, Hugely Memorable, Vast range of styles and sounds because of many band members

Cons: Long Set Up Time, Dinner music can be too loud with the wrong band.

Top Tip: Make sure you band really gets to know you both as a couple so they can tailor their show to your exact tastes. If they don’t show interest in YOU as individuals, move on!

Example Songs: Moves Like Jagger, Billie Jean, Uptown Funk

3. Rat Pack Swing Band

Remember the wonderful songs of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Sammy Davis Jrn? This a band is reminiscent of Vegas in the 1950s & 1960s and films such as Oceans 11 and Robin and the 7 Hoods. These acts normally travel to a wedding with a small 3 or 4 piece horn section. However, a full big band (see below) is also a possibility. Impeccably dressed, they are perfect accompaniment for a chic black tie celebration.

Typical Band Size: 4-8 Musicians

Investment Level: Medium

Pros: Iconic set of well known songs, repopularised by artists such Michael Buble, Jamie Cullum, Rod Stewart & Robbie Williams. Normally lower volume levels

Cons: Limited repertoire for a whole evenings dancing.

Top Tip: See if they can integrate other genres of music

Example Songs: New York, New York, Mack The Knife, Come Fly With Me

4. Big Band

Pop music in the 1940s! You may not know the name of the song but everyone has heard the icon anthem ‘In The Mood’. Lively with an infectious beat, this style was popularised by Glen Miller, Woody Herman & Benny Goodman. The full sound is created by 16 band members with at least 9 of them being brass – trumpets, trombones and saxophones. The sheer look and size of sort of band going to be a wow factor for your guests, then the band starts that ‘swinging’ rhythm!

Typical Band Size: Traditionally 16 – 18 musicians

Investment Level: High

Pros: Great for a 1940s themed events. Perfect for swing and jive dancers

Cons: Very few Songs and melodies from that era are widely known across all generations

Top Tip: Ask if your band can integrate a vocals for further audience engagement

Example Songs: In the Mood, Chatenuga Chu Chu, American Patrol

5. Gypsy Jazz

Originating in France this style of music is often referred to as ‘Hot Club Jazz’. It has a very distinctive sound which was made popular by musicians such as guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli. Bands will often dress the part too (just think 1930s Paris) and add classic instruments such as clarinet and double bass, to recreate the sound authentically. Great to add to a themed wedding such at The Great Gatsby.

Typical Band Size: 3 – 6 Musicians

Investment Level: Low – Medium

Pros: Unique & Quirky. Normally ‘portable’ from room to room. Acts normal dress in the style

Cons: Lower volume so not always suitable for dancing. More obscure repertoire.

Top Tip: Check if the band can play any other ‘off menu’ styles of music which could work well elsewhere in your day.

Example Songs: All Of Me, I Got Rhythm, Bye Bye Blackbird

6. Vintage Female Vocal Group

Do you remember the scene in the ‘Back To The Future’ where Marty McFly walks into the 1950s diner? The song playing on the juke box sums this entire style perfectly. The Andrew Sisters, The Cordetts or the modern day Puppini Sisters are the perfect google search if your think you may like this music for your wedding. You must not forget the matching outfits, curled hair and period make up too… there’s a lot which goes into these heavily stylized groups.

Typical Band Size: Vocal Trio

Investment Level: Low – Medium

Pros: Dressed in period clothing, Choreographed. Normally available with or without a live bad.

Cons: This style of music is often an acquired taste…but see top tip!

Top Tip: Bands in this style often ‘rearrange’ current pop songs like ‘Crazy in Love’ to fit into this genre. Perfect way to make this style of music accessible!

Example Songs: Mr. Sandman, Boogie Woogie Bugal Boy, Get Happy

7. Tribute Band

Are you a massive Queen fan? Oasis fan? Abba fan? Lady Gaga fan? Any major artist will always have numerous tributes. The really good ones will obsess about every single detail, both musical and visual. It’s been said you can be hard pushed to tell the difference sometimes between the original artist and the look-a-like. So if you you grew dreaming of Take That performing at your wedding this could be the type of act for you. Don’t forget every artist has their price – we came across the real Rod Stewart performing at a wedding recently. True story!

Typical Band Size: Depends on the act!

Investment Level: Medium – High

Pros: If you’re a avid fan of a particular artist, this is often the closest thing to getting the real thing!

Cons: Could potentially alienate guests who don’t share your taste in music.

Top Tip: Sometimes acts will also do a more ‘generic’ show too, covering multiple artists in the same style. See if your act can do the same to make your evening more inclusive.

Example Songs: Depends on your preferred act… but normally all their hits!

8. Acoustic Band

Do you want music which is cool, chilled out, fun yet still contemporary? It’s been said that very best songs ever written can be performed with just a singer and an unplugged guitar. An ‘Acoustic Band’ is an amazing way to bridge the gap. Using acoustic instruments and delivered in laid back style, this type of band is perfect for a wedding breakfast and drinks reception. The percussion adds the magic ingredient for spontaneous dancing, if that mood should take your guests.

Typical Band Size: 2 – 5 Musicians & Singers

Investment Level: Medium – There are many bands in this sector who are unable to guarentee the quality of their musicians. So just like a party band, you’ll need to be aware of cheap imitations.

Pros: All your favourite songs played in a laid back style. Variable volume level. Suitable for dancing too in the right situation. Quick set up and easily moveable

Cons: Most are not quite enough punch to act as band purely for dancing.

Top Tip: Could compliment a show band to create the ultimate combination for dinner music and dancing!

Example Songs: Empire State of Mind, Use Somebody, Let’s Get it In, Thinking out Loud

9. Roaming / Walk-About Band

The name pretty much suggests exactly what it is! These fun and engaging bands have become incredibly popular over the past few years and for good reason… Pick 3 or 4 musicians and vocalists with portable acoustic instruments like guitar and saxophone, stick them right in the middle of party and watch the fun commence. Let your guests join in and grab a tambourine or make requests… then move onto the next table when the time is right!

Typical Band Size: 3 – 6 Musicians

Investment Level: Low – Medium

Pros: Great for a venue with small rooms and on multiple levels. Fantastic for interaction with guests and topic of conversation.

Cons: Unamplified, so often guests can drown out the music with talking or may possibly disrupt other guests in middle of conversation when it’s their table’s turn to be approached.

Top Tip: Give the band a list of your favourite songs and let them work out if they can rearrange them to work in an unplugged setting

Example Songs: Faith, Sweet Caroline, Hey Jude

10. Ceilidh, Barn Band Dance or Irish Dancing Band

Strictly speaking these should probably be 3 separate categories. However, they have two things in common; the first is they are form a traditional dancing either from England, Scotland or Ireland and secondly they usually have someone ‘calling’ instructions on how each dance should be danced. This a great way of breaking the ice, especially if groups of your wedding guests don’t know each other that. Not to mention great entertainment and highly interactive. Your instruments could include banjo, fiddle,mandolin, and accordion.

Typical Band Size: 4 – 8 Musicians

Investment Level: Low-Medium

Pros: Great Interaction for guests to participate in a group activity. Lively and uplifting way for people who don’t know each other to meet

Cons: Guests can easily get tired… especially after a few drinks.

Top Tip: Musicians who work in this environment often learn their trade in pubs. Make sure you book an outfit which has good knowledge of how a wedding works.

Example Songs: Gay Gordons, Whisky In the Jar, Irish Rover

11. Mobile Disco

Probably the most cost effective, versatile and good value music option you can get for a wedding. Typically about 4 hours at a time a disco can cover multiple styles of music to please all age groups as well as quieter background music. There is a huge variation in price, from a small mobile rig with a very basic PA and a few lights, all the way to something resembling the Startrek Enterprise. The same goes with the DJs themselves… from guys who just the music speak for its self all the way to DJs who will get on the mic and whip the crowd up, and cut the music just at the climax of Livin’ On A Prayer!

Corporate DJ

Typical Band Size: 1DJ

Investment Level: Low

Pros: Almost unlimited selection of songs. Long playtime.

Cons: Unengaging Performance. Certain DJs can talk too much over the mic.

Top Tip: DJ can often double as Master of Ceremnoies – see if your DJ can offer these services.

Example Songs: Come on Eileen through to David Guetta.

12. DJ Live

A concept which came out the night clubs in the 90s where live musicians were added to a ‘club DJ’. The  most common instruments are percussion and sax, and then Singers and MCs became common place. Over the past few years it’s not uncommon to see a full live band in with a DJ too. This style does come with a few constraints, however, if your looking for something extremely modern this is worth considering and very different to a mobile disco, this is worth considering.

Typical Band Size: Typically a DJ and 2 musicians

Investment Level: Medium – High

Pros: Wide repertoire of songs. Much more visual than an oridinary DJ.

Cons: Constrained to the musical form of the original song.

Top Tip: Some DJ Live can offer move laid back ‘Ibiza’ style music for drinks receptions. See if your DJ could offer a ‘silent disco’ option for unique and quirky take on a tradition disoethque

Example Songs: Happy, Rather Be, Show Me Love

13. Solo Singer

A solo singer could come in many variations, but for the purposes of this article, we are going to concentrate on a vocalist who uses prerecorded backing tracks. There are so many styles of singer you choose… How about a female soul  or country singer, a male crooner or rock vocalist? The choice is yours. Great if you’d like a little bit of live entertainment and space or budget is tight.  They will normally be completely self contained and provide a small PA system which suitable for wedding.

Typical Band Size: Solo

Investment Level: Low

Pros: Wide range of songs can be chosen, easily variable volume levels depending on your booked performer.

Cons: Always constrained to the original song structure that means there is often little space for crowd interaction. Backing tracks can often sound ‘tacky’ if of poor quality.

Top Tip: See if you solo singer can play an instrument too – if they can accompany themselves on guitar or keyboard this will create more variation.

Example Songs: Make You Feel My Love, Man! I feel Like A Woman, Tear Drops

14. Classical Guitarist

A classical guitarist, strictly speaking is a musician who plays classical style music on an nylon strung ‘Spanish’ guitar’.  This fingerstyle guitar playing is romantic and sets the scene without being too ‘in-your-face’. If you’re thinking of getting married outside, Guitar is a great choice and easy to move and re instate indoors, if there is some unwelcome rain!

Typical Band Size: Usually Solo

Investment Level: Low

Pros: Creates a sophistiacted ambience, great for walking down the isle in a Wedding ceremony.

Cons: Needs Amplifying in most situations

Top Tip: Look for a Classical guitarist who can cover multiple genres as styles such as Latin and Jazz Music often work well in this setting.

Example Songs: Cavatina, Preldude In D, Pachelbel’s Cannon

15. Solo Pop Saxophone

The saxophone is the ‘lead guitar’ of wind instrument. Believe it or not there are artists which can fill arenas just playing this instrument alone. The sax covers a multitude of popular genres from pop to jazz, rock’n’roll to soul. The musicians often playing instrumental versions of the most popular songs to pre-recorded backing tracks. The mobile nature of instrument and wire free microphones enable a real interactive performance. It’s not uncommon for a solo sax to roam your guests tables. A chic sense of style and presentation is not uncommon here… maybe even some quirky extras like LED instruments and we’ve even seen dry ice firing out of the instrument too at one event!

Typical Band Size: Solo

Investment Level: Low

Pros: Fun and engaging, the musician is often mobile and can engage with your guests.

Cons: Like anything, too much of a good thing can get a bit much  – extended periods of saxophone can get a bit wearing due to the tonal nature of the instrument.

Top Tip: A few sax players have developed their show to the next level, intergrates CO2 which fires out the sax or instruments made with LED lighting. See if you can a musician who does this to add the extra wow factor!

Example Songs: Careless Whisper, Just The Two Of Us, Baker Street

16. Singing Waiters

Always a wedding favourite. Surprise your guests and watch the intensity of your party take off. We’ve seen it and it really does work! This sort of entertainment takes so many forms – dancing on the chairs to your favourite songs from ‘Grease in marque in the country side’, to the chef unexpectedly singing Pavarotti to finish an afternoon only wedding in Tokyo. There’s a style to suit every wedding. The key… keep it a secret – we’ve even seen a bride not tell her groom. Just make sure the photographers are primed to catch the look on his face at that special moment!

Typical Band Size: 3-4 Vocalists

Investment Level: Medium

Pros: Varying styles  from Pop to Classical. Ramp up the atmosphere of a party when you least expect it. Expert Performers

Cons: Could only be used once in an event for maximum effect.

Top Tip: Many of the singers are also musical theatre performers. See if they can offer another show later in the evening for further entertainment.

Example Songs: Nessun Dorma through to We Will Rock You

17. Cocktail Pianist

If your venue has a grand piano it only seems right it should played. It’s one of those sounds which just subtlety screams sophistication and class, hence why the top hotels across the world do it night in, night out. Don’t worry if your venue doesn’t have an instrument… a portable keyboard will create the same effect. Most cocktail pianists will have a wealth of repertoire covering many many genres. If you like a certain genre feel free to ask as these musicians do like to keep it varied. Your guests could even ask for requests on the day too.

Typical Band Size: Solo

Investment Level: Low

Pros: Creates a refined atmosphere similar to a top London Hotel like The Ritz. Choose a repertoire which reflects you and your guests style

Cons:  Only works as background music.

Top Tip: It’s not uncommon for these sorts of pianists to also be vocalists. See if they can offer a ‘piano bar’ style show to engage your guests

Example Songs: It Had To Be You to Your Song

18. Solo Harp Female

Simply one of the most etherial and beautiful sounds in the world, not to mention a stunning looking instrument too. It’s no surprise that this is the instrument of choice that many brides choose to walk down the isle too. The harp is also remarkably stylistically versatile too. Many assume it can only play classical music, but that’s far from the truth. If you want to wow your guests with an entrance which is little different, this is the way.

Typical Band Size: Solo

Investment Level: Medium

Pros:Visually stunning instrument with highly distinctive tone. Creates an Elegant feel. Pop songs and modern repertoire is often possible.

Cons: In larger spaces needs amplifying.

Top Tip: Harpists often work as part of larger groups. See if your musicians can team up with violinist or flautist to create a ‘chamber Ensemble’

Example Songs: Wedding March, Air On The G String, Ave Maria

19. World Music - Steel Band

World Music is a vast genre of music and in reality could cover music from practically any genre. However, the most commonly booked act we find is a Steel Pan Band, especially for summer weddings. If your looking for that feel good factor or perhaps your going on honeymoon to the Caribbean, this an unmistakeable sound. In reality the styles of music a steel pan band can cover is vast but it is most synonymous calypso and reggae. Don’t forget the brightly colour shirts too.

Typical Band Size: Typically 2 to 8 musicians but can go much larger!

Investment Level: Medium

Pros: Huge range of songs, Creates a classic happy summer feel. Distinctive look to the instruments.

Cons: You may tire of the Steel Band sound after an hour or so, so definitely make is part of, rather than your only live music choice. Unless of course you are a big fan of the steel pan sound!

Top Tip: See if your band can add a vocalist for party music later in the day

Example Songs: Brazil, Besame Mucho, Hot Hot Hot

20. Salsa Band

Salsa music or Latin music as it is sometimes known, is the music most commonly associated with Cuba and Puerto Rico. It has infectious rhythm and some on the sexiest dancing on the planet. Like any music there is the more traditional end of it which was pioneered by artists like Tito Puente and more ‘pop’ orientated end of with artists like Gloria Estefan. If dancing if your thing this a great way of really bringing your wedding to life. Like Ceildhi dancing, why not consider hiring an instructor, so your guests can really have some fun togehter?

Typical Band Size: 3 – 5 Musicians

Investment Level: Low – Medium

Pros: Exciting and dynamic music. Works well as background. Great for weddings which are outside.

Cons: Limited range of well known salsa songs which will engage all age groups. Many of the songs are in Spanish

Top Tip:See if your band can cover some of the ‘pop salsa’ songs for a more mainstream party appeal.

Example Songs: Manteca, La Travesia, Pueblo Nuevo

21. Jazz Group (instrumental)

Jazz is vast genre of music and great for wedding receptions. More commonly this sort of ensemble is great for a drink reception or wedding breakfast. It’s worth really choosing your instrumentation carefully, so it complements the acoustics of your venue. An experienced band should be able to do this easily for you. The most important thing is that your guests can talk and enjoy the music at the same time. This form of music is largely improvised so it’s best to pick music on the style and how the instruments sound, rather than on specific songs. The same thing should never be repeated twice, in the same way your wedding is unique one off occasion! A good place to start with jazz is with the music of Oscar Peterson, Nina Simone & Dave Brubeck.

Typical Band Size: 3 – 5 Musicians

Investment Level: Low – Medium

Pros: Exciting and dynamic music. Works well as background. Great for weddings which are outside.

Cons: There’s a danger the musicians can get self indulgent and not make the music accessible. Make sure the musicians are clear on the context… It’s your wedding!

Top Tip: See if your band can add a vocalist to sing some jazz classics.

Example Songs: My Favourite Things, Night and Day, Autumn Leaves

22. String 'Quartet' Acoustic

A ‘String Quartet’ is one of the classic sound of any period drama such Downton Abbey or Upstairs Downstairs performing by composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Hyden. This is the generic name given but in reality this groups often work as both duos and trios. The generally charge by the hour, so you can book them for as long as you need. Also, easily portable too… so you could have them outside for your drinks reception and move inside for the wedding breakfast.

Typical Band Size: 4 Members

Investment Level: Medium

Pros: Elegant and Chic sound. Gives a wedding a Sophisticated feel. Has a wide range of genres if you wish for them to play string quartet versions of pop songs.

Cons: Can get drowned out if people are talking.

Top Tip: If a quartet is out of your budget see if your chosen group can provide a duo or trio

Example Songs: Water Music, Claire de Lune, Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring

23. String Quartet Electric

Using the same highly skilled musicians as a traditional string quartet… this is something very different. Colourful electric instruments, louder, Choreographed, Modern music, highly visual; this is the show you maybe look for wow your guests at the end of a meal.  Usually female performers and with glamorous presentation. This is a  hidden gem many couples do not consider!

Typical Band Size: 4 Members

Investment Level: High

Pros: Full stage shows. Choreographed. Lighting, sound & effects. Modern and contemporary.

Cons: The full show is only suitable for a short cabaret.

Top Tip: See if your electric string quartet of acoustic music for the rest of the day.

Example Songs: These shows are often custom written for the individual groups

24. Decade Band - eg 1960s Tribute

We all tend to associate a style of music with particular decade. The obvious could be 1950 and rock ‘n’ roll or the 1970s with disco. So why not hire a band which specialises in music from a specific decade. Not only faithfully reproducing over 10 years of music these acts will also dress the part too. A 1960s tribute will probably all be in matching ‘Beatle suits’… or an 1980s may have shoulder pads from your favourite Duran Duran video! If your guests are all of similar age or are passionate about an era of music, this a great choice to give them something very memorable.

Typical Band Size: 4-8 Musicians

Investment Level: Medium – High

Pros: Normally at least 10 years worth of top hits. Other songs included which sylistically fit. Dress to fit the period.

Cons: May not engage all age groups. Decades come in and out of fashion quite easily.

Top Tip: Bands can often cover serval decades. Ask them if they could do both a 70s tribute and 80s tribute for more variation.

Example Songs: EG: 1960s tribute: Saw her Standing There, I’m A Believer, Satisfaction

25. Gospel Choir

Brought to the mainstream by the film ‘Sister Act’! A gospel choir is an intensely spiritual and uplifting sound. Obviously routed in religious music it’s not uncommon for these groups of singers to offer a secular show too. The more vocalists the better, especially when they break into that unforgettable harmony singing and pulling out the choreographed moves too.  Highly recommended to add fun to a wedding ceremony and bring the more formal side of the day to life!

Typical Band Size: 8 – 16 vocalists

Investment Level: Medium – high

Pros: Spiritual and uplifting sound. Great presentation and choreography.

Cons: A large number of people is needed to faithful recreate the true gospel sound.

Top Tip: For maximum impact see if you can book the live band which backs the choir. Not for the shy and retiring!

Example Songs: Oh Happy Day, Amazing Grace, Joyful Joyful

26. BONUS Flashmob

This is a bit of a bonus one because it’s not always musical but we thought it was worth mentioning. If your looking for that thing which could cause you wedding to go viral on youtube, this is the one. These are more commonly used as part of a wedding proposal but there’s no reason why something like this couldn’t just magically appear. Go on, get creative! We fully encourage you to make your day truly unique and memorable!

Typical Band Size: 15 – 50 performers

Investment Level: High

Pros: Unexpected, surprising, memorable. Can take many different forms from Orchestra to Choirs To Dancing.

Cons: Highly logistically difficult to organise and takes a lot of man power.

Top Tip: For inspiration have look at some of the incredible flashmobs which have been caught on camera phone in YouTube!

Example Songs: Could be anything!

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