Wedding first dance

    Wedding first dance

    Wedding first dance

    Wedding first dance

    The wedding first dance is an age-old tradition and here at Metropolis you could say we’ve had quite a bit of experience of them… well we’ve done 100s over our 13 years in the party band industry. This is the first of a series of blog posts exploring this special but often daunting moment.


    This Wikipedia post gives an interesting insight to the history and traditions. In a nutshell the bride and groom are regarded as the ‘guests of honor’ and it is their privilege to open the dancing. However, times have changed and a wedding first dance comes in all shapes and forms.

    Do we even need to do a wedding first dance?

    This is a point in the day which many couple seem to dread the thought of and the simple answer is ‘no’. However, you might bow to pressure of the in-laws and there are a few simple ways we help can make the experience painless and above all fun!

    Song choice

    Most seem to automatically assume it has to be a slow ballad – however, that simply isn’t the case. Over the years we’ve seen everything from a full on 80s rock – Huey Lewis’ ‘Power of Love’… to a bridal party dance off to the ‘Tetris’ computer game theme tune.


    If 3 minutes of awkward shuffling around sounds like hell there is an alternative – dance classes! Over past few years this has become an increasingly more and more popular option. A dance teacher will choreograph and teach you the steps to song of your choice. With practice this can provide quite a spectacle for your guests.


    If you need any advice for your first dance please drop us a line to our party band contact form and we’ll happily chat for hours. More useful information can also be found on our wedding page.Above is a little bit of backstage footage from Sam & Emma’s wedding first dance… we hope you enjoy!

    All the best

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