Wedding Band: Ballads Rock!

    Wedding Band Ballads Rock

    Wedding Band: Ballads Rock!

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    Ideas for Choosing Music for Your Wedding Party

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    Are you organising a wedding and want something different musically? Perhaps you want to go down the traditional route of a bit of disco, some contemporary tunes and then come the end of the night, some ballads. Well you’re not alone.

    Top 7 Wedding Ballads

    Here’s our top 7 chart of top requested ballads at weddings:-

    7. Lets Stay Together – Al Green

    6. Your Song – Elton John

    5. You’ve Got a Friend – James Taylor

    4. If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys

    3. Natural Woman – Carol King

    2. Easy – Lionel Ritchie

    1. Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now – Starship

    Wedding Music: Give Your Guests What You Want

    Some of us might decry the ballads above as being a mite old school but wedding guests love them. It is traditional and fun to give a few ballads to your guests at a wedding party. You don’t have to have a ballad but you know it kind’a makes sense, then you can cut loose with a blend of your favourite tunes.

    Wedding Music Mix

    Where to start with your musical choice? We’ll we’d say go 80s! Why? They made records (then) and they were great to dance to, so think ‘Footloose’ and your guests will be.

    Wedding Music Classic Tunes

    Make sure you have some 70s classics, ‘Carwash’ by Rose Royce, sprinkle on some Motown, ‘Love Train’ by The O’Jays and then mix in some Britpop, Oasis always goes down well, before combing some contemporary tunes from the likes of Rhianna, Duffy and Amy Winehouse.

    Wedding Appeal

    If you need some further ideas for what to mix your live music with then please get in touch and you’ll have a wedding that appeals to the youngsters, your contemporaries, your Dad, your Gran and everyone in between.

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