7 Things to Ask a Live Wedding Band


    7 Things to Ask a Live Wedding Band

    What to ask Before Booking Your Live Wedding Band

    1. How much experience have you had playing live music at a wedding?
    2. What is included in your live wedding music package?
    3. Can we see you play live?
    4. Can you quote for different packages for our wedding music?
    5. Can you recommend a venue for our Wedding party?
    6. Are all your musicians and singers professional?
    7. Why should we choose you to perform our Wedding music?

    Answers to Live Wedding Music Questions

    1. Live Wedding Music Experience

    Function bands play live music at a variety of  non wedding events.. You want to make sure they have experience of playing the type of venue you have chosen from the plushest London wedding venues to being able to entertain at a Jewish wedding celebration with traditional dancing.

    2. Wedding Music Packages

    A good band will be able to scale up or scale down to your needs. A live music package should consider the amount of guests and the venue. So have in mind what sized band would fill the space, do you need interval music, do you need a DJ and will you want the band to provide the PA?

    3. See The Band Live

    The only way to know a band will perform to the standard you want is to go and see them live. Seeing video is a good indication but you want to see them work the audience, do they get them dancing, do they have a chat and enliven the party?

    Live Wedding Music Band

    4. Different Wedding Music Packages

    Some bands have a set size and a set list but a good band will be adaptable and willing to provide everything you want for your party needs. A professional band will be able to scale the amount of members including singers, provide a DJ, even the dance floor and give you the experience your want for your wedding day.

    5. Wedding Party Venues

    If you’re looking for inspiration then here are 3 great venues for a wedding party.

    Contact us for some original venue ideas.

    6. Professional Wedding Band

    There are a lot of bands willing to play at weddings and who are NOT professional and will do a good job BUT if you want a guarantee that everything will go smoothly then go for a band where ALL the members earn their living from music, perhaps a wedding band that gets invited to Cairo.

    7. What a Live Wedding Band Should Tell You

    A good band will be able to meet your wedding party requirements and tailor themselves to your day. They’ll be able to point to the fact they are all professionals with hundreds of parties under their belts and be able to show you some testimonials praising their work and invite you to a live show.

    Please give us a call or use our form to find out more and to get a quick quote.