The 30 Most Popular First Dance Wedding Songs For Live Band

    Popular Weddings songs

    The 30 Most Popular First Dance Wedding Songs For Live Band

    Looking for ideas on live band First Dance Wedding Songs? You’ve come to the right place.

    Below are 30 of the most popular and unusual songs Metropolis have performed over the past few years. Some obvious classics, some lesser known gems.

    This isn’t a made up list – all these songs were chosen by real Brides & Grooms… just like you. So you can be safe in the knowledge that all of these songs work perfectly as a first dance and will also sound fantastic performed by a live bandWe hope they give you some inspiration!
    You’ll even find links to the songs below, including clips of originals AND clips from Weddings we’ve performed at, so you can judge how well we did!
    Challenge us to make your first dance happen with a live performance just for you?
    We accept!
    Any questions… we’re always here to help!
    Toby & James
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    1. Young At Heart

    Our couple chose a song that was themed to their choice of venue and sense of fun. A great sentiment evoking feelings of everlasting youth and a long and happy future together.

    As Sung By: Frank Sinatra Released in: 1953 Names of Couple: Simone & Micha Venue: Museum of Childhood, London. Fun Fact: This song was such a hit that a movie that Sinatra was filming at the same time with Doris Day was renamed to Young at Heart. You won’t believe how many legends have performed this song… You’ll find versions by Willie Nelson, Jimmy Durante, Connie Francis, Perry Como, Gloria Estefan, Tony Bennett, Shawn Colvin, Rosemary Clooney, Bobby Vinton, Tom Waits, Bing Crosby, Barry Manilow, Bob Dylan and many more!

    2. Unchained Melody

    A classic – Pretty much everyone will know it and it’s easy to dance to (with or without a potters wheel)!

    As sung by: Righteous Brothers Released In: 1955 Fun Fact: You might know it for the 1990 film ‘Ghost’, but you may be surprised to know it’s been recorded over 1500 times by 670 artists! Names of couple: Barry & Beryl Venue: Birmingham Town Hall

    3. Someone Like You

    A well known artist a less well know song.

    As sung by: Van Morrison Released In: 1987 Fun Fact: Although this was a popular song at the time, it’s perhaps less well know than Van’s hit ‘Have I Told You Lately’, which was based on the same structure! Names of couple: DANIELLE & LAURENT Venue: Kinloss Shul, London

    4. The Way You Look Tonight

    Another traditional song that will stand the test of time. Perhaps your parents or grand parents will remember to from their big day?

    As sung by: Fred Astaire Released In: 1936 Fun Fact: It may be old, but In 2004 the Astaire version finished at #43 in AFI’s 100 Years…100 Songs survey of top tunes in American cinema. Names of couple: Elisa & Rob Venue: The Langham Hotel, London

    5. All Of Me

    The lyric is a simple and perfect message to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. And even though it’s modern, it’s written in a the timeless style that’s ensures it’s place as a modern classic. A real tear jerker!

    As sung by: John Legend Released In: 2014 Fun Fact: This song was written with John Legends full vocal range in mind, thus increasing it’s ability to really pull on your heartstrings! Names of couple: Amanda and Rikki Venue: The Queens Hotel, Leeds

    6. Then

    In the UK this country artist is lesser known. If you want something that isn’t the norm but a lyric that expresses the right sentiment for your first dance as husband and wife… This could be for you!

    As sung by: Brad Paisley Released In: 2009 Fun Fact: This Mid-Tempo Ballad by country music super star gives a proclamation of from a male point of view and Got to Number 1 in the USA, August of 2009. Names of couple: Jennifer & Elliott Venue: Jumeirha Carlton Tower, Knightsbridge, London.


    Arguably Clapton’s best know Ballad. A simple melody and a well crafted lyric. This is one that most will know, but isn’t often requested as a first dance. So in 2016 and beyond, it’s the perfect balance of safe but different!

    As sung by: ERIC CLAPTON Released In: 1977 Fun Fact: Remember the band ‘Shakepere’s Sister’? That’s Marcella Detroit singing backing vocals. This was written for Eric’s then wife Patti, who was previously married to Beatle, George Harrison! Names of couple: Liz and John Venue: Private House, Lincolnshire

    8. Make You Feel My Love

    It’s modern and it’s classic. If you like slow romantic songs… This is going to work for everyone! Maybe you could ask your band to rework Billy Joel’s version to add a unique twist…. Unless you’re planning on inviting Adele?

    As sung by: Adele Released In: 2008 Fun Fact: This song was originally written and recorded by Bob Dylan and between then and Adele’s reworking Billy Joel also found success with it. Names of couple: Alice & John Venue: Marquee Wedding, Hertfordshire

    9. The Love Cats

    If you are not into slush, this song is FUN! It swings and has a great chorus that easy to sing along to (partly because there are few words to remember) Looking for an inclusive first dance and don’t like ‘cheese’? This is a great choice.

    As sung by: The Cure Released In: 1983 Fun Fact: Some say, Lead Singer, Robert Smith was inspired to write “The Love Cats” after reading White’s novel The Vivisector! Names of couple: Bex and Ming Venue: The Wilmington, Gastro Pub, London

    10. (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher

    Another fun tune that swings. Our couple were into Jive dancing and the feel and tempo of this tune worked perfectly for them. This well known song is perfect if you want your friends and family to join you after the first few moments of your first dance.

    As sung by: Jackie Wilson Released In: 1967 Fun Fact: This song was recorded by some of the most recorded musicians in popular music. Think of and Motown or Chess records song, and chances are, you’re listening to the players featured on this super swinging hit. Names of couple: Katie and James Venue: Canizzaro House Hotel, London.

    11. Thinking Out Loud

    It’s modern, it’s romantic. It sounds a bit like a famous Marvin Gaye Tune. A perfect slow dance tempo and a future classic.

    As sung by: Ed Sheeran Released In: 2014 Fun Fact: Sitting in the charts for 19 weeks, this tune is one of the best known songs in recent years. Names of couple: Amy and Adam Venue: Louise Blouin Foundation, London.

    12. Amazed

    You love a glossy American power ballad that starts gentle and builds…. and builds! The short stop before the last chorus (after the rocking guitar solo) sends shivers down your spine. Go on… Indulge yourself!

    As sung by: Lonestar Released In: 1999 Fun Fact: This song spend 8 weeks at number one. Names of couple: Sophie and Joe Venue: The Dorchester Hotel, London

    13. I Swear

    You grew up in the 90’s and you love the sound. If you’re of a certain age… you’ll be surprised how many people will know it. And these days… they won’t be too cool to admit it!

    As sung by: All 4 One Released In: 1994 Fun Fact: This was kept off the UK number one slot by Wet Wet Wet’s ‘Love is All Around Me’. It’s producer David Foster is behind some of the best selling records ever made! And… It’s a cover! Names of couple: Elliot And Jess Venue: The Landmark Hotel, London

    14. Can You Feel The Love Tonight

    You love Disney, you love Elton and you’re going for a regal sounding tune and a lyric that says ‘Togetherness’!

    As sung by: Elton John Released In: 1994 Fun Fact: Elton John and Tim Rice wrote this especially for the Disney Film ‘The Lion King’. Though it only got to number 14 in the UK, it was a number 1 hit in France! Names of couple: Jenny & Simon Venue: One Great George Street

    15. True Companion

    A lesser known artist. This song was chosen by a couple who wanted something that was uniquely them. We were happy to oblige. What would your ‘never heard that at a wedding before’, song be?

    As sung by: Marc Coln Released In: 1991 Fun Fact: Marc also had a hit with a cover version of ‘Walking In Memphis’. Names of couple: Natasha & JT Venue: Hatfield House, Hertfordshire.

    16. Songbird

    Your a romantic who loves a simple arrangement and a poetic lyric.

    As sung by: Eva Cassidy Released On: 1998 Fun Fact: This song was originally made famous by Fleetwood Mac. It reached number one in the UK. Names of couple: Dan & Talia Venue: Micklefield Hall

    17. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

    You want to evoke memories of the first time you met and you don’t mind crying infant of your family and friend! Or maybe… you enjoy making your guests tear up!

    As sung by: Leona Lewis Released On: 2007 Fun Fact: This ‘American Songbook’ classic was recorded by Leona Lewis in 2007, but there are lots of amazing versions to check out including ones by Roberta Flack and Celene Dion! Names of couple: Steve & Sapna Venue: Clivedon House, Buckinghamshire.  

    18. L.O.V.E

    You love old school swing with energy. It’s fun and one of the essential elements a marriage is built on. Some would say, this is the ultimate lyric! What do you think?

    As sung by: Nat King Cole Released In: 1965 Fun Fact: This swinger song was given a new, more modern lease of life on a a Nat King Cole tribute album called ‘With Love’ by Nat’s Daughter, Natalie! Names of couple: Gemma & Ed Venue: Coworth Park, Berkshire.

    19. So Amazing

    You love smooth soul and a slow dance. Not too slushy but slow and groovy. If that’s you. This could be the tune for your big day!

    As sung by: Luther Vandross Released In: 1986 Fun Fact: Originally this song was performed by diva Dion Warwick in 1983. Names of couple: David & Louisa Venue: Brocket Hall, Hertfordshire.

    20. At Last

    You’re a super romantic couple who want a classic song that everyone knows. If that’s true, you an’t go wrong with this beautiful slow ballad.

    As sung by: Etta James Released In: 1960 Fun Fact: Though most know Etta’s version… This song was written way back in 1941! Names of couple: Debbie & Kyle Venue: Hilton Syon Park, London.

    21. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing

    You are an ironic pair who are fearing their first dance, so just want to get on the floor and pull out some disco moves.

    As sung by: Scissor Sisters Released In: 2006 Fun Fact: It’s been said that, part of this tune was composed on a Commodore 64 computer… Remember those? Names of couple: Mike & Sam Venue: The Corinthia Hotel, London.

    22. I’m Yours

    You’re a modern couple with an appreciation for a good song and you like the sightly reggae feel of this cheery sounding tune.

    As sung by: Jason Mraz Released In: 2009 Fun Fact: This is Mraz’s best selling single to date and went ‘platinum after only 14 weeks’. Names of couple: Tracy & Dave Venue: The Mere Hotel, Manchester.

    23. Rock Wit’cha

    You’re a late 80’s / 90’s music aficionado and you love a lesser known slow jam from the era of New Jack Swing!

    As sung by: Bobby Brown Released In: 1990 Fun Fact: This tune features on Bobby’s album ‘Don’t Be Cruel’ Hit’s include My Perogative and ‘Every Little Step’. Names of couple: Lauren & Dan Venue: Luton Hoo, Hertfordshire.

    24. Only Love

    You enjoy striped back, folky yet soulful music that is contemporary but very easy to listen to even if not everyone is familiar with Ben’s work!

    As sung by: Ben Howard Released In: 2012 Fun Fact: Roni Size also did a remix of this song. It’s slightly different to Ben’s original work! Names of couple: Niccy & Rob Venue: Gibson Hall, London

    25. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

    You’re looking for a soulful feel good duet that builds beautifully. From intimate vocals with sparse orchestrations ending in a massive chorus where everyone can join in. If that’s for you… This is perfect!

    As sung by: Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross Released On: 1967 Fun Fact: Many of you who grew up in the 80s/90s may remember that DHL used it in a marketing campaign. Should that put you off? We think not! Names of couple: Sam & Emma Venue: The Langham, London.

    26. You Are So Beautiful

    You’re sentimental and you want a delicate song with a lyric that hits home about your feelings for each other. You guys are beautiful!

    As sung by: Joe Cocker

    Released In: 1975

    Fun Fact: This classic ballad was originally recorded by Organ and Keyboard legend, Billy Preson and partly peened by Beach Boy Dennis Wilson!

    Names of couple: Laura & Ryan

    Venue: Connaught Rooms, London

    27. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

    It’s a very safe bet and it’s got everything. This surely has to be one of the most played first wedding dances ever. Romantic opening and leg kicking chorus that will definitely get people singing along. Done to death or an absolute must for your big moment? You decide.

    As sung by: Frankie Valley

    Released In: 1967

    Fun Fact: This song is also known as ‘I Love You Baby’ because of the way the chorus starts.

    Names of couple: Lucie & Alexander

    Venue: Stoke Park, Buckinghamshire

    28. Marry You

    You’re all about Reggae meets R&B and an obvious lyric. This is an absolute Metropolis favourite and it delivers the desired response every time. Question is… Does it hit your top spot for energetic fun first wedding dance, or perhaps happens later on?

    As sung by: Bruno Mars

    Released In: 2011

    Fun Fact: The concept from this song comes from an image Mars and his team had around an imagined scene in Vegas! … Back in the UK As a surprise, Metropolis performed this song with re-written lyrics penned by the groom!

    Names of couple: Anna & Michael

    Venue: Grosvenor House Hotel, London

    29. Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now

    You like the idea of a duet. You love the 80’s. You want power in your chorus and plenty of opportunity to fist pump with your nearest and dearest!

    As sung by: Starship

    Released In: 1987

    Fun Fact: This song was the theme to 80’s cult theme Mannequin starring a very young Kim Cattrall who went on to star in cult TV show Sex in the City.

    Names of couple: Kirsty & Adam

    Venue: One Marylebone, London

    30. Greatest Day

    You both love Take That and it turns out that Gary Barlow is a good song writer, and… you really don’t miss Robbie. Surely the continuous build in this tune with the boy’s (I mean men’s) harmonies makes it one of the best feel good songs of the last 10 years.

    As sung by: Take That

    Released In: 2008

    Fun Fact: Gary Barlow admitted that this song only took him 3-4 hours to write! Not a bad half days work, considering it sold 520,000 in the UK alone!

    Names of couple: Jessica & Jeremy

    Venue: One Mayfair, London

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