Three Corporate Christmas Party Band Tips

    Three Corporate Christmas Party Band Tips

    Three Corporate Christmas Party Band Tips

    Corporate Christmas Party BandChristmas Party Band Tips

    After many years of supplying live music, bands  and entertainment at Corporate Christmas Parties it’s fair to say we’ve seen quite a few of them – good and bad.  A lot of the time we deal with in house events teams who are organizing ‘dos’ all year however often it’s left to a PA to organize the nitty gritty.  Here are three tips which are especially helpful when partying in London:

    • Discuss load in/out

    Metropolis are used to playing tricky venues.  A museum, which is open to the general public during the day and then has a short turn window to turn it into a party venue is a good example.  However, sometimes in Central London there are ‘noise abatement regulations’ which stop commercial work happening around 10pm so the local residents can sleep in peace.  For a function band this can often mean returning to collect the PA equipment the following morning. It’s always best to try and keep unexpected costly extras to a minimum or factor them in at the earliest stage possible.

    • Place bar and live band together

    Guests will naturally gravitate to the bar – why not when the drinks are flowing. Experience tells us if that’s in a different location to the band many of guests tend to stay there. However, if the bar is a stones throw away from the dance floor, it’s much easier to get the accounts department showing their finest moves! Also, once they are there, that’s normal exactly where they will stay…

    • Schedule live music carefully

    At a firm’s Christmas party it can often it can take a little while for guests to get out of ‘work mode’ and into ‘party mode’. Often they’re chatting to people they may only see across the boardroom table! It’s always best to let people relax into the party spirit and have a few drinks. Once they’re in the right frame of mind they will be raring to go….

    If you are looking for Christmas Party Venues why not check out this previous blog? We’ll also be looking at Christmas Party Band Playlists in the next couple of weeks too; in the mean time why not have a look at our Christmas party band playlist page?

    More soon!

    James Eager's Signature - Director, Metropolis Productions Ltd


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