Sound Advice / Behind the Scenes with Metropolis

    Sound Advice

    Sound Advice / Behind the Scenes with Metropolis

    Sound-Engineer-IndiaDid you know that every time we quote for any of the Metropolis bands to perform at your event, the quote will not only include our state of the art PA system and complimentary lighting, it will also include a minimum of 1 professional Sound Engineer?

    At Metropolis our shows are technically advanced with specific in-ear monitoring for our musicians and theatre grade speaker systems and mixing desks.

    Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

    Before each and every Metropolis show, our equipment is prepped specifically for the job required. This means re-programming our sound desk/s and selecting the appropriate equipment for our warehouse.

    The Metropolis engineers are familiar with the equipment we use, the music we play and of course the musicians and are an integral part of making the sound a good as it can possibly be and maintaining that level depending on the room conditions throughout the performance time.

    Why take the risk by cutting corners?

    So, where a quote seems to be less from other bands, invariably, we will end up saving you money and time dealing with suppliers where sound is concerned.

    Our sound engineers make things sound great and also help to reduce our performers and our clients stress levels and speed up set up time.

    Our friendly engineers will also provide a link between any local crew and help and advise on stage set up where needed.


    We will always take at least one Metropolis engineer out on our international gigs. Most recently in Delhi (just last month) the show simply wouldn’t have happened without our engineer’s ability to overcome obstacles.

    He enabled us to worry about the music and the show. The event involved Metropolis performing at a multi million pound event in collaboration with an Indian Orchestra and went without a hitch. Having our musicians being able to communicate quickly what they needed to hear really sped up the process.

    Say Hi!

    So… beware of hidden extras and call us for a no obligation chat to talk about how Metropolis will get your event sounding as good as it looks.

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