Personalisation for Your Special Day

    Personalisation for Your Special Day

    Personalisation for Your Special Day

    James Eager Toby Goodman & The Metropolis ShowbandI am constantly amazed by Toby and James. I am amazed at the level of detail that goes into not just the music, the look and performance but also how they relate to their clients.

    I was recently copied in on an email to a potential client. The client had spoken to Toby and so Toby followed up with an involved and very thorough email, full of good humour and empathy.

    What to Expect When You Hire Metropolis

    Metropolis plays in many different combinations from a small acoustic band to a full on 15-piece Showband and they play all over the world at some very extravagant party venues.

    What comes first is what you want.

    You’ll hire Metropolis because of the impeccable testimonials and  / or you’ve heard them play. What comes next?

    Getting to Know You

    James and  / or Toby will have a chat and get to know you and what your vision is for your celebration. Ideally you’ll meet up but often the start of producing your party entertainment will be by email.

    The full email is on the ‘What to Expect’ page under the Personalisation menu above or click here.

    hire-a-bandMapping Your Celebration Landscape

    Every detail is available to you as you plan the entertainment for your celebration right down to a choice of what the band wears and also including options that will make your party unique.



    Options include:-

    • Acoustic (Unplugged) Band
    • Additional Lighting
    • Additional Sound/PA
    • Band Size
    • Cocktail Pianist
    • Dance floors
    • DJ
    • Harpist
    • Motown Show
    • Playlist Selection
    • Pyrotechnics
    • Stage Backgrounds
    • Wedding First Dance Lessons

    Every client is unique and the needs and wants are taken note of and your vision will come to life by hiring Metropolis.

    All the best,