Worldwide Party Band Hire India

    Worldwide Party Band Hire India

    Worldwide Party Band Hire India

    party band hire indiaWorldwide Party Band Hire India

    Metropolis are fast gaining a reputation as the ‘must have’ worldwide party band. With several performances under their belt in India the Metropolis name is spreading all the way from New Deli to Kotkata to critical aclaim. Mr & Mrs Nopany’s 25th wedding anniversary was no exception. Here are 4 reasons why:


    Not just any English party band get the unique UK opportunity to establish a reputation in one the world’s most vibrant economies. 12 years of the being at the ‘top of their game’ in the UK provide the backbone of an incredibly polished product.


    With performances at many of the UKs top hotels & venues, Metropolis really know how to deliver a wedding, corporate event or private party with unparalleled class.


    Gone are the days where ‘copy and paste’ events are acceptable. Hiring an international party band is an expensive operation. Clients deserve to be able to put their own stamp on things and design a night that reflects their own musical tastes.


    A band has got to look as hot as they sound. Bringing a touch of style is a must. Listening to client’s tastes is key. You may want something very relaxed all the way through to a full on styled show band look.  Metropolises have all bases covered.

    So if you would like to look into hiring Metropolis for an International party why not click here to drop us a line and we can put you in touch with one of our UK booking agencies. In the mean time why not visit our Facebook page for pictures of the fun we had in Kolkata…

    All the best

    James Eager's Signature - Director, Metropolis Productions Ltd

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