Metropolis Join The Aviom Revolution

    Metropolis Join The Aviom Revolution

    Metropolis Join The Aviom Revolution

    Aviom Mixer

    Metropolis has always tried to keep one step ahead of the game technologically. Being one of the first UK party bands to fully embrace digital mixing when the Yamaha LS9-32 was released a few years ago, this is now something that is fairly commonplace across the whole of the corporate and private events market. Metropolis is now proud to have taken the next step in to the world of Aviom personal monitoring – Converting the whole band’s monitoring from old fashioned floor wedges to in ear monitors across the board.

    Aviom systems are regularly found in the pop world, with artists such a Neil Diamond often using them at festivals such as Glastonbury and also in the world of theatre with shows like Dirty Dancing, The Lion King and Wicked having utilized them in orchestra pits for years.  Very rarely are they seen in party band scenario but we believe these fantastic mixers will revolutionize the way we approach on stage sound.

    Here are some of the main benefits:

    • Every musician will now be on in ear monitoring which greatly reduce the stage volume, making the over sound quality better out front.

    • Each band member can control his or her monitor mix as the show goes on which greatly reduces sound checking time.

    • With the aid of talk back mics we can now effectively communicate to the rest of the band and crew.

    • With every musician comfortable with his own monitor mix collectively the band will play considerably better.

    • With enhanced sound quality and volume control this means function bands can now work in venues with poor acoustics and achieve a far superior result.

    • All of this equipment packs up into small road trunk meaning considerably less flight cases to unload from the van.

    We’re certainly excited to be taking audio production to the next level – why not check out Aviom’s website?

    James Eager's Signature - Director, Metropolis Productions Ltd


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