Traditional Jewish Wedding Songs and Music


    Traditional Jewish Wedding Songs and Music

    Jewish/Israeli Simcha Dancing

    Metropolis plays a mixture of contemporary tunes for Jewish Weddings and also provides the option for more traditional Jewish/Israeli Simcha Dancing.

    Traditional Jewish Music at your party will provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy joyous songs and traditional dancing.

    It is traditional to include a section of Hebrew music and dancing known as a ‘Hora’. This comprises a medley of popular tunes, including Hava Nagila (‘Come Let us be Glad’), and Siman Tov U Mazleltov (‘May Good Luck Come to us’). 

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    Hava Nagila ‘Let Us Rejoice’

    This wonderful tune derives from a Romanian folk dance-song. Who wrote it? Well opinion is divided. According to some the man largely responsible for the song’s existence in its present form is Abraham Zevi Idelsohn (from Latvia), who as a young cantor set out to collect the oral traditions of his people and to make them available to the world of music.

    See Below for the English translation. 

    The Metropolis Playlist turns this internationally known band into a ‘Hora Band’ for your wedding.

    Traditional Jewish Wedding Songs

    Asher Bara II

    Aveinu shalom alechem


    Bashana habaha?

    David melech yosrael

    Hava nagila

    Hu Yigal


    Lchaim to life

    Mitzvah Gedolah

    Moshiach – Essential

    Niggun Neshama

    Od Yeshama II

    Oseh shalom


    Simun tov mazeltov

    Su Shearim

    Tzena tzenax

    Wedding Niggun


    English Translation of Hava Nagila ‘Let Us Rejoice’

    Jewish/Israeli Simcha Dancing

    Let’s rejoice

    Let’s rejoice and be happy


    Let’s sing

    Let’s sing

    Let’s sing and be happy


    Awake, awake, brothers!

    Awake brothers with a happy heart


    Awake, brothers, awake, brothers!

    With a happy heart


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