Jewish Wedding Videographer

    Jewish Wedding Videographer

    Jewish Wedding Videographer

    Jewish Wedding Videographer

    Are you looking for a Jewish Wedding Videographer? If so, we thought we’d ask our friends Paul & Steve at Atmotion a little on their thoughts on filming for the UK events industry. Here’s what Steve Hill had to say on the subject:

    “When we first decided to launch Atmotion into the highly competitive space of event videography, we knew we wanted to be different.  Going up against how things “have always been done” can be intimidating but we had faith in our convictions. Convincing clients that our work and style was right for them was the easy part. It was the dreaded war of ‘long version’ vs ‘short version’ that took us by surprise.

    Make Every Second Brilliant

    I can see why our clients were torn. After all, more is better, right?! In my opinion, no it’s not. Both my business partner and I started our careers in film and TV where every second of programming costs. It’s drummed into you from day one… make every second brilliant or lose the chance to do it again!

    Superior Product

    In the early days of Atmotion we, like any new business, wanted the customers every whim to be catered for without entertaining the idea of trying to steer them towards what we believed was a superior product. You see, as fantastic as your memories are of your special day, going back and watching every single prayer, reading or blessing in its entirety is not going to make exciting, exhilarating viewing!

    Best Feature Edit

    So now we always advise clients to take our short films and outline what they might want in greater detail as separate DVD/Blu-ray chapters. This way we can give what we know is the absolute best feature edit of the event plus the client also has any given aspect of the event on the rare occasion they want to view it.

    Leave Delighted

    So when planning your event I can’t recommend enough listening to the advice of your suppliers. Everyone, from your friends to your family to your next door neighbour, will have experience with organizing a special event, but it’s your event suppliers that do this week in week out. Every supplier you deal with will live under the shadow of knowing “you’re only as good as your last event”. Leaving you delighted with the final event is their absolute number one task.”

    We can’t recommend Atmotion enough, after all that’s why we commisioned them to film our latest promotional videos – just take a look at our band selector page. More from Steve in due coarse!

    All the best

    James Eager's Signature - Director, Metropolis Productions Ltd

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