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    Jewish Wedding Photographer

    Jewish Wedding Photographer

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    People often ask us to help out with other aspects of organising a wedding, and one of the biggest requests is for a Jewish wedding photographer who is familiar with simchas. We are always happy to recommend our good friend David Morgan, who has been photographing Jewish weddings for years and always produces stunning photos. David has kindly written an article for us about his service, so check it out below!

    David Morgan

    Even thought I’ve covered countless weddings – and especially Jewish weddings – over the years, I am always touched when couples choose me to shoot their big day. Allowing me to enter their world for a day and to play such an important role is one of the things I love most about being a wedding photographer.

    For me, wedding photography is all about telling a narrative of the day, right from the moment when the preparations begin, through to the ceremony and onto the party. People often ask me whether it ever gets repetitive, but I can promise you that no two weddings are ever the same for me. Every couple is unique, and I always have a great time.

    Unique Style

    Of course, covering a large amount of Jewish weddings has meant that I’m particularly familiar with the most important moments of the wedding, ensuring that I don’t miss out on the main events. Over the years I have developed my own unique style and know how to capture the moment in the way that best brings it to life. I know all the important cues and it’s important for me that I am always in the right place at the right time without getting in the way and intruding.

    I love Jewish weddings. I love the energy, the excitement and the emotion. I hope that this enthusiasm comes through when I cover a wedding, and that my experience gives you confidence in knowing that you have a photographer who really knows what he is doing.

    Destination Weddings

    I also cover other types of weddings, and I can even cover weddings abroad if you are heading overseas for the big day (which is one of the great perks of the job!). You may not have considered taking your photographer with you, but it actually works out rather well, and I’m not just saying that because I get a free holiday out of it!

    By taking your own photographer with you, you can avoid the stress and hassle of finding a photographer in another country, and the worry that they might not shoot the style of photos that you really want. Finding a wedding photographer back home and then taking them with you can help to make the whole process a lot smoother, and you will always get the style of photographs that you want.

    My Work

    I’d like to invite you to check out my website to see the style of photographs that I produce. Even if you don’t hire me for your wedding, always make sure you look at the style of the wedding photographer and make sure that this is what you want in your photographs because if you like them, that’s what you’ll be getting with your wedding.

    Whether you choose to use my services or not, good luck with planning your own wedding and I hope the day lives on through your photographs so that you can enjoy reliving the experience for many years to come.

    All the best

    David Morgan

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