Jewish Wedding at The Landmark Hotel in London

    Jewish Wedding at The Landmark

    Jewish Wedding at The Landmark Hotel in London

    Jewish Wedding at The Landmark Hotel in London

    Are you looking for your event to be just that little bit different to everything that has gone before? Gary and Ali, who celebrated their Jewish Wedding at The Landmark Hotel in London were no different. Having been to hundreds of simchas they were looking for their day to be something that reflected their tastes as a couple. Metropolis’ aim is to redefine the norm and give our clients something unique and personal.

    Metropolis Unplugged

    How many times have you had dinner at an event and the music was so intrusive you could not talk to the person next you? All too often we hear. Metropolis have designed a unique ‘dinner music’ package which is quiet enough for guests to talk over and but also loud enough for dancing. Unplugged is a mix of modern and familiar pop and rocks songs performed in an original, mellow, laid-back style.

    DJ Live & 9 Piece Show Band

    With tastes as ranging from 60s classic soul music through to 90s and modern dance music, a live band & DJ combination was the perfect way cover all bases. Metropolis debuted it’s brand new DJ Live act. Designed from the ground upwards this is a real DJ creating real DJ music, just how it’s done in the top London clubs. Fusing this with top musicians and singers creates something which is truly fresh and engaging. Keep an eye out for the brand new DJ live films coming soon…

    Classical Duo

    A wedding above all needs to be a great celebration – part of that should be creating moments that are refined. Integrating a piano and violin to the wedding ceremony is a brilliant way of adding finesse to a beautiful occasion. The natural acoustics of a Synagogue lend themselves perfectly to this elegant combination. Please click here to hear some examples of Metropolis’ Chuppah Music.

    Allister Freeman Photography

    Fantastic to work with Allister Freeman Photography too – he captured the magic of the day through his lense brilliantly – check out his blog pictures here! More on his work to come soon…

    No two Metropolis events are ever the same. Please watch Gary & Ali’s first dance film to get an exclusive look behind the scenes!

    All the best

    James Eager's Signature - Director, Metropolis Productions Ltd