Jewish Event Ideas


    Jewish Event Ideas


    Metropolis has been staging Jewish events for many years and providing unique and glamorous ideas that have guests talking about for months to come.  

    Bar Mitzvahs and Jewish Weddings

    An event created by Metropolis Productions is tailored, creative and professional. An event can be purely traditional, a real simcha, purely modern or a blend chosen by you, all to accommodate and impress your family and friends.

    Exclusive Venues

    Metropolis has staged events at a multitude of high-class venues, from London to Manchester and from India to France. Each event has been unique in the making and the performing. The plaudits gained are many and the detailed preparation always thorough. 

    Tailored Entertainment

    Metropolis Productions can provide bands from acoustic duos to an the musical powerhouse show band.  A cantor, a harpist, background piano and DJ live shows, all playing a thrilling mix of traditional music for dancing, tunes from the 60’s to the present and legendary hits from the likes of James Brown or the bee Gees.

    Metropolis Live

    If you would like to see the bands playing please visit the Metropolis Live site for video clips.

    Please contact the Metropolis Productions Jewish Events Director, Toby Goodman, for a friendly chat.

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