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    Hire a Band

    Are you looking to a hire a band? FUNCTION bands are one of the boom sectors of the entertainment industry.

    Just 20 years ago, most couples opted for a DJ at their evening wedding ‘do’.

    But now, hiring a band is increasingly becoming the norm. In fact, they are one of the most important parts of the wedding festivities. After all, who remembers a poor wedding cake? But with a band, years later we all remember those who were too loud, badly dressed, appallingly off-key or else a little bit rough around the edges.


    When Metropolis joined TalentGB, we tweeted that, in our opinion, they were the benchmark of function band excellence. More than 250 artistes have joined us since. Several have equalled their impressively high standard but none have bettered them.


    What makes Metropolis stand head and shoulders above the rest?

    That is an easy question to answer. The band doesn’t scream “Look at us! Aren’t we cool!” Although they would be very entitled to exclaim this. Their style is polished and their routine choreographed to perfection in an understated way which allows the guests to mingle and enjoy each other’s company to the backdrop of expert musicianship and superb vocals. They never lose sight that they are performing at a party, not a concert.

    And yet everything down to their immaculate dress sense encourages guests to tarry a while by the stage and admire the performance too.

    Take a look at their showreel. In just a few short minutes you see “professionalism” in every frame. At the end, you know this band isn’t going to let you down.


    TalentGB hosts the showreels and booking details of artistes of every genre and in the past two months alone, we have been viewed more than 21,000 times.

    If you’d like to join us, just click on www.talentgb.com

    By Neville Thurlbeck, founder TalentGB.

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