Function Band London A-Go-Go

    Function Band London A-Go-Go

    Function Band London A-Go-Go

    Function Bands Make Parties

    Looking to hire a Function Band in London? Do you want the very best band for your party or event?

    What should you look for in the perfect function band?

    Playing Live

    If you can get along to a gig, go and see them. You’re investing a lot of money in a professional experience, so a top-notch band will always invite you to see a live gig.

    Available on DVD

    The next best thing to seeing a band live is to see some video, on DVD or the web. You can judge quite a lot about the performance, the voices of the vocalists, the playing of the band, even the chorography. How do you judge the atmosphere? Well, look to see what the guests are doing, are the guests on the dance floor and giving it all they’ve got?

    London Function Bands

    Does the band play often in London? The advantage, if they do, is there a) not going to be late and b) they’ll most likely know the venue. It does count for a lot if they know the London venue as they’ll have contacts with the venue or event management company and know the sound limitations and maybe able to get you a saving.

    Band Offering

    Most bands offer a one size fits all occasions but an established band will be able to offer different sizes of bands, other musicians like cocktail pianists, a DJ and background music between sets. Ask the band what they can do to give your party or event a different experience.

    The Playlist Rules

    Check out the band’s playlist. Do they have a variety of crowd pleasers, modern stuff, anthems to dance to and old favourites? Can they mix the genres like a Bee Gees set and a Swing/Latin section?

    Finally The Testimonials

    Can the band offer a breadth of testimonials or have they just some one liners from weddings? Have they played for big corporates and the very wealthy? That’s always a good sign if they have testimonials from a variety of events and parties like Jewish weddings, Christmas parties, charity balls and corporate entertainment.

    Metropolis can say yes to all the above!

    Just blew my own trumpet there, which is ironic because I play guitar.

    Read more about Metropolis and if you want the function band London to end all function bands then please contact myself or Toby for a chat.

    Thank you,

    James Eager's Signature - Director, Metropolis Productions Ltd

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