Function Band Contract Information

    Function Band Contract Information

    Function Band Contract Information

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    Function Band Contracts in 6 Words

    Detail, Schedule, Specification, Fees, Terms & Conditions

    What to Expect from a Function Band Contract

    Booking a function band is straightforward and like all financial transactions requires a contract. The contract you will receive from Metropolis will be most thorough and will be detailed and easy to understand.

    Client and Event Details

    You, the client, will have your details recorded alongside those of the event, so it will say something like ‘James and Cheryl’s Wedding, the venue location, date and time.

    Function Schedule

    Again this is straightforward and will include yet more detail regarding the band set up time, when each set will be played (and the length), the stage size and arrangements for access to the venue.

    Band Specification for Your Celebration

    The Metropolis band comes in many forms, so the exact makeup from 6-piece to 15-piece and if you require extras like a harpist or DJ are all in the specification. Also included in this part of the contract is a stipulation for a hot meal for the band.

    Fees for Your Event

    The fees, starting with the deposit, are also in the contract along with a due date for each of the payments; deposit and balance.

    Terms & Conditions for Band Hire

    Currently the Terms and Conditions for hiring Metropolis amount to eleven points. These have evolved over the years to make sure every detail is covered and expectations are managed. For example the space for the event should be clear of guests so a thorough sound check can take place, a secure dressing room is required and a cancellation policy.

    Signatures, Client and Director

    A signature is required from the client and from one of the Metropolis directors. The client and the director both keep a copy of the contract.

    If you would like to see an example contract before a quote is provided, then please get in touch. 

    See Metropolis Frequently Asked Questions

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