Exotic locations To Take A Party Function Band!

    Exotic locations

    Exotic locations To Take A Party Function Band!

    party band UAE

    A Party Function Band in the Sun?

    So you’re wanting to plan an event some where unusual in the world….also looking for that extra bit of magic – why don’t you take a band with you? May sound ridiculous at first, but in this increasingly globalized industry, getting on an airplane is becoming a more and more normal occurrence for many bands!

    We’ll talk about how this all works in future posts but here is a taster of a few of the places we’ve been in the past few months:

    New Deli – India

    After 8 hours on Air India we took our 6 piece band perform for a private party for the corporate construction giant Emaar Ltd who built the Burj Khalifa – The tallest building in the world! The unbelievable party was a plethora of western entertainment sent over by one of the UK’s finest specialist overseas agencies.

    Dubai – EAU

    It goes with out saying New Years Eve is some what of spectacle there to say the least. Booked to get the punters dancing non stop in to early hours, at one of Dubai’s plushest 5 star hotel complex’s – that’s exactly what happened! Only stopping briefly for the most spectacular fire work display known to man, Dubai is a hot spot of any serious party…  Why not check out live band party playlists?

    Glasgow – Scotland

    Well, possibly not as glamorous as the other two locations but yes, we’re serious…. this was one hell of a great night! Taking the 8 piece from Heathrow and couriering all our instruments to one of the UK’s biggest hotels, the dance floor was packed all evening. Performing as part a massive charity ball many thousands was made for a very worthy children’s cause.

    So if you would like to discuss the options for taking a function band abroad or overseas for the most memorable private party, corporate event or wedding please filling in the party booking form.

    Perhaps if your already abroad and would like a taster of what’s in store – See us playing live on video!

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