Christmas Party Planning and Live Music

    Christmas Party Planning and Live Music

    Christmas Party Planning and Live Music

    Christmas party band planningChristmas Party Planning in 5 Words

    Book Early, Budget, Music Vibe

    Are you planning a Christmas Party with live music? Here’s a few tips to get the most from your party and make the planning as smooth as possible

    Christmas Party Check List

                  1. Book Early
                  2. Write a Detailed Budget
                  3. Party Types and Themes
                  4. Check Out The Band
                  5. Production Package

    Book Early

    Established professional bands are highly sort after during the Christmas and New Year season. Look to book your band at the end of the summer. You might be able to book a live band later in the year but most are going to charge a deposit so bookings usually turn into events.

    Budget Detail

    Christmas is fun and you may feel you have the budget to do everything but have you detailed all the factors that go into a great party? Booking the venue, arranging the food and drink and booking a live music band all need to be looked at closely so you get the most from your money. Little extras can add up so is the venue going to have Christmas decorations? Do you need to book taxis or retain a taxi firm?

    Party Types & Themes

    What’s the vibe you want to achieve? A sit down meal with a bit of a dance or a full on party with buffet? Do you want to have fancy dress or a ‘cool theme’ like a Latin Carnival? Are you going for a party with plenty of music and a hint of Christmas. Knowing this will help with your budget, the atmosphere you wish to create and what you want the band to play.

    Check Out The Band

    If you can’t see your Christmas band then at least see some video either online or request a DVD. All professional bands will be happy to oblige.

    Production Package

    You’ll most likely want to have background music between the sets the band plays or a DJ. Again a big outfit will be able to supply all the backup needed for a Christmas party, everything from a dance floor to the PA.

    I hope that helps you on your quest for the perfect Christmas party.

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