Christmas Party Vibes: Ad-Vice For Hosts

    Christmas Party Vibes- Ad-Vice For Hosts

    Christmas Party Vibes: Ad-Vice For Hosts

    Christmas-Party-BandChristmas Party Vibes 6 Words

    Venue, Vibe, Virtue, Vanity, Vice, Value

    Some advice for Christmas party organisers; the 6 V’s of Christmas Parties

    Christmas Party Venues

    If you’re organising a large Christmas party event in London or anywhere you’re going to want something special. Metropolis have played all over the capital (and the other hubs of metropolitan delights: Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow) and can offer to help you pick a venue

    Here’s 3 Christmas Party Venue Ideas

    Christmas Music Vibe

    Do you want cheese with that? Everyone expects a cheesy vibe at Christmas with all the classic tunes featuring reindeer, snowmen, children with big eyes, and tinsel. Weave some funk, or Latin, or latest download chart leaders for a surprising mix and remember the main idea is to ‘party.’

    Christmas Virtue

    I suppose this boils down to making sure you’ve hired a taxi firm to get everyone home safe.

    Christmas Vanity

    We’re all vain to a degree and a little vanity at Christmas is acceptable, make your party vain by imposing the smartest of smart clothing code or perhaps make it more fun with an usual twist to the Christmas party theme; ‘Tiaras’ & Turbans’ Reindeer & Penguins’ ‘Sporting Legends’ and ‘TV Cooks,’ you get the idea…

    Christmas Party Vice

    Now is the time to indulge yourself with all your harmless vices, from the food to the drink and from the band to the comedian. Turn the dial to 11.5 and let it blossom, let it flow….

    Christmas Live Music Value

    And of course the best value for money, for a great live music-filled party is Metropolis Live.

    Explore more about Metropolis and Christmas Parties.

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