Christmas Party Band : Metropolis Unplugged

    Christmas Party Band  Metropolis Unplugged

    Christmas Party Band : Metropolis Unplugged

    With the festive season fast approaching many companies are looking for a Christmas party band for hire. Here at Metropolis we’ve got an idea a little bit off the beaten track “Metropolis Unplugged’. So what’s different I hear you ask?

    What’s different?

    Metropolis Unplugged is unique concept in background music. It’s both chilled and relaxed but guests can also dance should the mood take them.

    Small & adaptable format

    Scalable from a 2 – 5 piece act. It can feature both male & female vocals, double bass, acoustic guitar, percussion & sax.

    Short Set Up Time

    This act literally takes 20 mins to set up and sound. What’s even better it has the ability to change location too. So may one room for the drinks reception and then another for the dinner.

    Contemporary music selection

    Traditional background ‘jazz’ is old hat. Why not listen to songs by artists such as Snow Patrol, Jason Mraz, Oasis & Alicia Keys? Your guests can even sing a long  if the Christmas party spirit takes them!

    Flexible Volume

    Metropolis Unplugged can simply turn up and turn down as required. Perfect for the more laid back moments at the start of an evening. Even better for when you want to ramp it up later!

    To read more about this great band please visit our band selector page. Perhaps even click here to have a look at our sample playlists and download the PDF.

    Don’t forget the full on 6 -16 piece Metropolis Christmas Party Band is never far away….

    James Eager's Signature - Director, Metropolis Productions Ltd