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    Apple Mainstage Programmer

    Apple MainStage programmingApple Mainstage Programmer

    In a previous blog you would have read and overview of the software package Apple Mainstage and why we use it for Metropolis. For the more technically minded amongst you here is an article on how it is set up. If you are looking for an Apple Mainstage Programmer this could be of use:

    There are four major components to our live playback rig:

    • Apple MacBook 15” Pro  2.3 Intel Core i7

    • Apple Mainstage 2.1.3 Software

    • Motu 828mkII Audio Interface

    • Behringer FCB1010 Midi Floorboard Controller

    Apple Macbook Pro

    This is the backbone of the rig, which contains a 256gb Solid State Drive, and 750gb 5600rpm drive in the optical bay.  It has a anti-glare screen which makes it easier to see on stage and lives on a quicklok laptop stand.

    Apple Mainstage 2.1.3

    Here we have created a custom display that contains all the controllers required operate the advanced functions of Mainstage. We need quick and easy access to patch changing, looping, markers and transport controls.  Multiple instances of the ‘playback plugin’ are used on each patch to enable the engineer to mix the track with the live band. It also has a graphical representation of the Behringer FCB1010

    Motu 828 mkii

    The 828 is connect via firewire to the MacBook and lives in a rack by the monitor engineer. Mainstage is then patched into 8 outputs. Stereo keyboards, percussion, backing vocals and mono sound effects & click.  Output is either via analogue jacks or digital ADAT. Further outputs are assigned for the Aviom In-ear monitoring mixes.

    Behrhringer FCB 1010

    The pedal board uses old-fashioned MIDI to control Mainstage. Perfect because all functions can be foot controlled whilst I play the bass!

    More on the nitty gritty next time! If you would like to hire a Mainstage Programmer why not click here to drop me a line.

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