6 Party Tips From Metropolis Live


    6 Party Tips From Metropolis Live


    6 Party Tips

    We’ve put together a quick list of things we know work for the busy party host. Some of them sound a mite simple but sometimes the simplest things can be overlooked and we want you to have a stress free funky time.

    1. Event Location

    When planning your party make sure it’s easy to get to, close to public transport and if it’s a big event hire a taxi firm. Is it at a hotel or near one so you can save money with some block bookings?

    2. Party Venue

    Look around for something a bit offbeat. Having your party at a hotel can be great but it can be a bit soulless so get your thinking cap on and look for art galleries and funky bars with private function rooms. O’ and make sure you have enough space for a live band!

    3. Dress Code

    Is it going to be a formal affair with partners? Is it to be a let your hair down event where anything goes? Make sure you put the dress code on your invitations.

    4. Live Band Entertainment

    Well we’re biased so we always say get a live music function band like Metropolis Live. We would wouldn’t we? What music would work best for your corporate event or party? We’re happy to makes suggestions, after years in the business we know what works.

    5. Get Party Guests to Mingle

    Everyone is at a party to have fun, live music, food and entertainment are part of that but also do all you can to get your guests to talk to each other, dance, cheer and sing-along with, say, some great Brit anthems. Consider a ‘chill-out’ room for partygoers to take a break and chat.

    6. Saying Goodnight

    At the end of your party you’ll want to make sure all your guests get home safely (that’s why we recommend booking taxis in advance) and you can add an extra touch like a fun giveaway or ‘party bag.’

    Live Music Extras

    Whatever type of party you want we’re glad to advise on all the entertainment (including a DJ or even a string quartet) so drop us a line for a free quote on our Party Band Booking Form.

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