6 Christmas Party Tips Including Your Party Band

    6 Christmas Party Tips Including Your Party Band

    6 Christmas Party Tips Including Your Party Band

    Christmas Party band playlist

    Christmas Party Tips in 5 Words

    Venue, Dress, Band Mingle, Extras

    Christmas is almost upon us. No it’s not, it’s ages away, o’ yes suddenly it’s HERE! Would you like to take the stress out of you Christmas and New Year party planning? Here’s a handy list to make you party perfect.

    Stress Free Christmas

    Do you want your Christmas party planning to be free from stress. Read (and download) are 6 Christmas Party TIps.


    Christmas Party Tips

    1. Event Location
    2. Party Venue
    3. Dress Code
    4. Party Band
    5. Mingling Guests
    6. Live Music Extras

    Book Your Party Venue Early

    It’s obvious but you’re a busy person. Set the date and book. Yes you’ll need a deposit but once the venue is nailed everything else flows into place.

    Event Location

    Another obvious piece of advice but have you considered the public transport links? Do you have the postcodes of all who would attend?  If you do then you can look at where the majority of guests will be coming from, o’ and if you’re paying for taxis this is going to cut down on costs.

    Dress Code

    Since when has dress been a code? I suppose it can make decoding fun.  DO you want to do the formal thing? Guests do like to dress up and it adds to the atmosphere, fancy dress can be fun at Christmas, try something original like Elves and monsters or cowboys and angels. Smart casual can work too but then you have to  state exactly what you mean.

    Party Band

    Go and see the band for yourself. Online video is great but you want to feel the atmosphere. Any professional band is going to encourage you to get a taster of what they can do for a party.


    Do all you can to get your guests mingling with each other. This can be done with music, a top MC or little touches like asking themselves to introduce themselves on sitting down to eat with the strangest fact they know.

    Live Music Extras

    A top Christmas party band is going to offer extras like a DJ, background music or specialists like harpists and cocktail pianists. Investigate exactly what the band or production company can offer.

    I hope that helps you on your quest for the perfect Christmas party.

    Read about Metropolis and Christmas and New Year parties.

    6 Party Tips PDFDownload the 6 Party Tips PDF.


    All the best,

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