Jewish Wedding Band Leeds


    Jewish Wedding Band Leeds

    Jewish Wedding Band Leeds

    At Metropolis, we like to put ourselves in the position of the client. If you search Google for say ‘Jewish Wedding Band Leeds’ you will be confronted with three or four solid pages of bands and musical entertainment. Both natural listings and adverts, how on earth do you differentiate between acts?

    The simple answer is it’s very tricky – you’ll have to dig a little deeper. This blog will give you an insight into some the key parts of our service which make us that little bit different. We’ll focus on Jewish Weddings but a lot of this completely transferable between Corporate Product Launches, Birthday Parties, Awards Dinners or International Events…

    Attention To Detail

    Attention to detail is key. All too often events are thrown together and ultimately guests could receive a better experience. The above Technical Production YouTube video in an example of this. It shows the effort we go at Metropolis to ensure all guests receive even sound coverage. We apply the same principals to everything we do – be it music expertise all the way through to wedding planning / event management.

    Understanding The Event

    In the context of a Jewish Event a large part of this boils down to a cultural awareness. It’s all about what the celebration means to you and your family. In the case of the Metropolis one of our Directors Toby Goodman has had over 10 years of experience working at Simchas. 18 months ago he stood under the Chuppah himself and now has a unique perspective from both sides.

    Those Special Touches…

    By the time of the event the client needs to feel that the ‘business element’ has been taken care of in a friendly and professional manner but have total confidence they will have an amazing party. Adding those extra special touches across the evening is a big party of that. We often film exclusive backstage footage of the first dance as surprise for the bride and groom – this first dance blog shows a few we have done this year.

    Service is a big part of what we do and we’ll happily spend time chatting you through everything we do. Please say hello!

    All the best

    James Eager's Signature - Director, Metropolis Productions Ltd