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    Isotonik Studios is a small company creating plug ins for Ableton Live. They use the Max For Live API (Application Programming Interface) developed by Cycling 74.

    Ableton Live

    Ableton live is an industry standard DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) aimed primarily at the Live performance market. Max For Live can dramatically extend the functionality of this software. Isotnik have worked closely with Metropolis Productions to refine and add features to their device called ‘Follow’.

    Metropolis Productions use ‘Follow’ as part of their live set up to run multichannel playback. This plug in gives the flexibly to both run backing tracks and have a creative environment for a live band.


    ‘Follow’ gives us the following options:

    • Looping scenes on the fly

    • Control of the internal metronome

    • Control of the transport controls

    • A floating window for improved visual display


    We have also worked closely giving feedback and suggestions to refine the back end of this device. A standard show contains about 300 scenes, 15 tracks of audio and complex multichannel routing. Follow needs to be able trigger about 10gb of WAV audio files on each gig. Quite a tall order!

    Isotonik studio’s interest and technical support on this project has been second to none. It has enabled us to take our show technically to the next level! You can read more about our work together on the Metropolis Live blog.

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