Get Lasting Results At Your Business Events


    Get Lasting Results At Your Business Events

    No one event is the same, so why do so many event producers take the time to personalise an event with keynote speakers and branding without aligning their music and entertainment?

    When it comes to entertainment, most business will settle for ‘function bands’ who always deliver a few variants on the same old set of songs, performed in the same old generic style. Sure, it’s an easy option but chances are it’s a waste of money. It’ll only engage a few people for a short amount of time and it’ll all be forgotten by the following morning.

    So why are Metropolis unique?

    We are far more than just a band. Not just driven by our on stage performance, we are driven by the success of your business. Our passion is for aligning our performance with your business needs using our innovative systems to add value to your company.

    By choosing Metropolis, you ensure that your team have a memorable time, whilst we help you to deliver your key message throughout our performance. Booking your entertainment solution through us will prove to be a proper investment.
    Our extensive experience has given us a deep understanding how different types of show and performance can create lasting and powerful impressions. If your message is simply to reward your team for giving you great results, we’ve got lots of fun ways to ensure we include everyone.

    Choosing Metropolis is perfect for your company’s Summer Ball, Christmas Party, Awards Party and AGM…

    Once we understand the vision you have for your event and the personalities that make up your company, we’ll bring you an entertainment solution that isn’t just another bunch sub-contractors or the same thing we did the night before! You’ll get hand-picked talent, who we have established long relationships with. Our team will understand not just what they need to do, but are fully briefed on the reasons why you have decided to create your event.

    Whatever your vision, we will work with you to create an experience that will:

    • Motivate and Boost morale.
    • Create amazing memories.
    • Beyond all this, we can show you ways of ensuring your event is a success that lives on forever…. To find out more, go to Podcasting & New Media.

    If you want to see the results of what happens when we build a team specifically for an event, check out our testimonials.