Corporate Function Band Hire: Will Your Band Understand The Nature Of Your Event?

    Corporate Function Band Hire- Will Your Band Understand

    Corporate Function Band Hire: Will Your Band Understand The Nature Of Your Event?

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    Blog Two: Will your band understand the nature of your event?

    Your band should have an understanding of how they fit in with your chosen venue, caterer, photographer and florist. You wouldn’t hire Black Sabbath to play at your deeply traditional wedding attended by grandparents and great grandparents. A good band knows that they should complement the event, not steal the show. Divas are out, supportive, collaborative professionals are in.

     Your band should expect the unexpected. Not you.

    Just rocking up and bashing out a few tunes doesn’t cut it. A professional band will understand that there’s a lot more to playing a successful gig than that. They will be prepared to expect the unexpected. Are the electrical outlets further away than was promised? Is the stage half the size? Does Auntie Florence think they should all be wearing ties?

    Things can change at the last minute, particularly at events such as awards dinners. Any good band worth their salt will be flexible, quickly understanding what the issue is and proactively solving any problems that arise. The last thing you want is a moody, uncooperative bunch of musicians you have to deal with on top of everything else.

     corporate function band hireIt’s your event, it should be done your way

    We’ve never been to two events that were the same. There’s so many factors that contribute to making it feel like a personal do, and one of them should be the band. Whether the people there are big, party-going extroverts or considerably more traditional, it’s important that the band is right.

    It should feel like it fits in, like it was meant to be there. This is the icing on the cake for many people, and if it’s right, the band can be the catalyst that turns a great occasion into a spectacular event. And a large part of corporate function band hire comes down to trusting your band to have the knowledge and experience necessary to make it happen.

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    Will Your Band Understand The Nature Of Your Event

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