Corporate Function Band Hire: Will your band communicate with your venue and other suppliers?

    Corporate Function Band Hire

    Corporate Function Band Hire: Will your band communicate with your venue and other suppliers?

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    Blog Four: Will your band communicate with your venue and other suppliers?

    Events can be complicated, especially when numerous suppliers have to interact with each other. It’s very easy to assume everyone will be on the same page, but that’s not always the case.

    Communication is key

    Suppliers often have to share the same working space. So a phone call the day before the event can allow all parties to talk through the sort of details that can help to make or break the working relationship. It’s a simple thing to organise, and it’ll pay dividends when the pressure’s on and things get tough in the lead up to and during the event.

    Corporate Function Band hirePreventing crossed wires

    Having that conversation the day before not only helps to build the relationship between suppliers, it also establishes simple yet easily missed details like whether the venue has space to house the size of the band. Or whether they’ve got enough staging in place. Easily overlooked, but all part of professional corporate function band hire.

    Timing is everything

    Would you like the band to perform music for dancing in between the courses of your meal?

    If so, precise communication with the caterer is imperative. There’s nothing worse than food and music becoming out of sync, stopping people from either enjoying a good dance, or finding their ice cream has melted by the time they sit back down again. Remember, things change, schedules can slip, so having a band that’s not only good at music, but good at communicating, can make a big difference.

    Key questions to ask about supplier communication:

    • Will your band make sure they speak to the venue to double check their specifications?
    • Will your band speak to third parties such as caterers and photographers to ensure timelines match?

    Any questions, just give us a call 0203 837 4975 – we’d love to hear from you!

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    Blog Four: Will your band communicate with your venue and other suppliers?

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