Party Event Consultants


    Party Event Consultants


    Metropolis Productions are often asked why the event consultation for all events, including private and corporate parties is free?

    Event Perfection

    Metropolis wants your event to be perfect. Obtaining perfection means putting a lot of detail together, in a harmonious whole, which is seamless and comes together into a memorable finale.

    To do this the company will spend a great deal of effort in talking with a client, ensuring all the requirements are met. This is the foundation of the best possible party event and it comes without any extra charges to give you peace of mind.

    Further Delights

    Once the foundations of the event are built, then we, along with you, will ensure that the event will provide further delights.

    Meetings Make Events

    Meeting in person is always best; we can come to you or at our offices. If distance is a problem, then we can arrange meetings using SKYPE or iChat, even FaceTime. 

    Supplier Co-ordination

    Metropolis can co-ordinate and obtain preferential rates from a host of suppliers. We’ve been in the business a long time and we can supply all the technical equipment needed for a magical event.

    From DJ’s to Toast Masters, harpists to venue owners, Metropolis will reduce the stress and create a tailor-made event that will have guests talking about for months.

    Please get in touch for a friendly chat with Metropolis Party Event Consultants.

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    Photography courtesy of DCLX Lighting