Metropolis Show Band Linkedin

    Metropolis Show Band Linkedin

    Metropolis Show Band Linkedin

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    I bet you’re better than me asking for a favour. Do you use Linkedin? Well, if you do and you have a spare minute can you share our company page or if you’ve hired us (and REALLY enjoyed the experience) then please recommend us to your network?

    Metropolis Productions Ltd

    All you have to do is a search for: “Metropolis Productions Ltd” and click on the “Share” or “Recommend” button. That’s all. It’s quick and easy and you’ll be loved up by me, the band and have that warm feeling deep in your soul. Yes, really.

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    I’m staggered at how successful Linkedin has become and how easy it is to fine business people who can recommend each other. Metropolis has been going for over 12 years and between all the band members has played at countless functions and parties, from weddings to corporate gigs, from charity balls to summer balls, from birthday parties to Christmas and New Year celebrations.

    So What?

    So we know a lot of people in the business of celebrations and we’re happy to have a chat about how we can help each other. Metropolis operates at the top end of the entertainment business, booking the Metropolis Show Band does cost thousands (see pricing here).

    So, if you fancy mutually beneficial business and perhaps you work at the top end of one of these business types:-

    • – Catering
    • – Charity fundraising
    • – Event management
    • – Event venues
    • – Marquee Rental
    • – Wedding planning
    • – Wedding photography


    call James or Toby today.


    All the best,