Function Band Hire, 5 Point Checklist

    Function Band Hire, 5 Point Checklist

    Function Band Hire, 5 Point Checklist


    Function Band Hire Checklist

    Testimonials, Experienced, Performers, Options, Playlist

    When you hire a function band you’ll want to know they can put on a show. You want the very best for your special event. Here’s a quick 5 point checklist with some questions to ask, to help you make your decision.

    Function Band Testimonials & Clients

    It’s all very well claiming to be a top function band for hire but what do other’s think and who have the band played to.

    1. Check: Band Testimonials & Client Listing

    Experienced Musicians

    Is the band comprised of semi-professionals, amateurs or are they all 100% professional musicians with a variety of experience?

    2. Check: Can you see them play live or view a video?


    Can the vocalists entertain, interact with the audience, get them on the dance floor and losing themselves in the pleasure of a musical experience?

    3. Check: Ask yourself is this band good enough for my function?

    Band Options

    Is it a take it or leave it band? Does the band offer different sized bands; an unplugged set perhaps, a full on 15-piecee showband?

    4. Check: Function Band Size and Options

    Playlist Knowledge

    A band is as good as the music it chooses to play. Does this band choose music just to please or have they honed a variety of playlists? If they have several playlists ask them why?

    5. Check: Why have you created this playlist?

    I hope this helps you choose your ideal function band.

    All the best,