Hear how Metropolis blew everyone away at a Corporate Event


    Hear how Metropolis blew everyone away at a Corporate Event

    Video Testimonial From Adrian Pike
    Chief Execuative, Anesco
    Wokefield Park, nr Reading
    Christmas 2014


    Adrian: The biggest thing, I think, lacks today in the entertainment industry, is people that listen. You listened to what we wanted…

    Adrian: Everything you did made my life easier. To be honest, once we booked you, you listened to what I wanted and you went on and did it. And you coordinated with my other third party supplies seamlessly. Everybody’s been blown away by the event. And most importantly, my staff just wants to book you again. So that’s not bad. Better accolade for you and me.

    Adrian: Well, you booked the date for next year haven’t we? So the fact that we’re booking you again and the team wanting you to come back–generally I like to mix it up– So, I think one thing to have the same band back in two years in a row and it’s only January…

    Adrian: I think you did a dance-off at the end of the evening, and the staff actually loved that! And a couple of the girls really let their hair down and took the boys on. I think that is a memorable moment of the evening.

    Adrian: Yeah, my wife’s a mad Michael Jackson fan. The fact that there’s a little Michael Jackson set and there’s a little bit of a chime in the front. It was very special for her. So, again I think it demonstrates that you do listen to what the client wants. You definitely made their Christmas.

    Adrian: I think you advertise as professional musicians rather than a “cover band”. And I think that whole concept flowed all the way through.

    Adrian: And the hotel in question, that’s put on some massive events, said it’s the best event that they’ve ever done in 20 years. That sums it up.

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      Watch Our Wedding Music Video Testimonial

      Gill Tookman
      Mother of the Bride
      Adam & Amy’s Wedding, December 2014
      Louise Blouin Foundation, London

      Gill: We had every aspect of the performance exactly how we wanted it. The music was soft enough for people to talk, but some people would dance during dinner, after dinner… The music was fantastic. It was a real party atmosphere, everyone was dancing. A great feeling about the evening… the guests had an amazing time, the family had a wonderful time, and more importantly the bride and bridegroom were over the moon with everything.

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      Here we discuss the ins and outs of how to manage a live-band company, what sort of sticky situations we all get into and how we try to deal with those, as well as how to engage with clients and knowing them on a personal level to give them a unique and wonderful musical experience during their event.

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