Backing Tracks For Cover Band – Ableton Live


    Backing Tracks For Cover Band – Ableton Live

    Backing Tracks For Cover Band – Ableton Live

    Are you interested in running backing tracks for cover band or Ableton Live? Well you’ve come to the right place! If you look at many party or function band’s websites the debate between whether a live band should or should not use any form of backing tracks is rife. I personally think it’s quite an interesting debate that we should explore in a little more detail.

    Reading some cover band websites they proudly state that everything is 100% live. They feel seeing real musicians making 100% honest and genuine music is the way forward. In some cases they almost infer that any band using such technology is duping their clients.

    However, having read other wedding band sites they are nothing short of proud of the fact that they use backing tracks. In their opinion using ‘playback’ allows say a 4 piece band to create a much fuller and modern sound.

    Who is right?

    So who is right? The answer in our opinion is neither. What I do believe is using backing tracks is not something to be looked down on. Like it or loathe it, it’s a part of most of the highest level professional shows. Beyonce or Muse in the pop world or Dirty Dancing to We Will Rock You in the theatre world, all use this technology.

    Do you use backing tracks in Metropolis?

    The simple answer is yes. However, the thing with Metropolis is we never use it replace musicians. We use it to enhance what’s already there. With so much of todays modern pop music it produced in studio, recreating that convincingly live is near on impossible. Hence, why we use a certain degree of playback.

    Ableton Live

    With the concept of Metropolis still being essentially a live band we’ve been looking for methods to run play back which mean we can have an organic feel. With that in mind, we’ve developed new organic way of running backing tracks using Ableton Live. Please watch the video above or visit our production company blog for more details. 

    More soon!

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